This Food Festival Features All Of Your Favorite Instagram Foods In One Spot

Here's a treat for you, New York foodies! For the first time, EEEEEATSCON is coming to New York, and it's bringing some of your favorite Instagram-famous foods with it. Hosted by The Infatuation, the same people behind the popular #eeeeeats hashtag on Insta, the food festival's lineup features some of the best of the best in the food and restaurant game. But remember to snap your 'gram because #PhoneEatsFirst.

The one-day food extravaganza on Oct. 6 will feature more than 20 restaurants and vendors from New York City and beyond, and will take place at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens. (What better place is there to take your squad to brunch than a gigantic stadium filled with all types of beautiful and scrumptious foods?!) If you are one of those people who has a bucket list on their phone of all the Instagrammable restaurants they want to try (ahem, me), this is probably a good place to start. Plus, with panelists speaking throughout the day like Zagat co-founders Tim and Nina Zagat and Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, you know you're going to be in pretty good company.

From out-of-this-world dumplings to the most delicious pizza, here are some of the most Instagrammable foods you'll find at EEEEEATSCON. Warning: Mouth-watering may occur.


'Za From Rubirosa

Courtesy of The Infatuation

What's not to love about Rubirosa's signature thin, crispy pizza slices? Besides the fact that they are literally gorgeous, they're topped with vodka sauce and fresh mozz. The aesthetic is strong on these pizza pies.


Stuffed Pitas From Miznon

Courtesy The Infatuation

Miznon is renown for its meat- and veggie-stuffed pita sandwiches that are perfect for both on-the-go eating and taking colorful Instagrams. If you haven't had a chance to try them out yet, now is the time.


Dumplings From Dumpling Galaxy

Courtesy of The Infatuation

As a self-proclaimed dumpling fanatic, I cannot handle my excitement over Dumpling Galaxy. I mean, just look at how cute these little bite-sized apps are! The Queens-based eatery is known for its unique fillings, and has a bunch of vegetarian-friendly options, too, so there's no excuse not to stake 'em out.


Treats From Broad Street Dough Co.

Courtesy of The Infatuation

What's not to love about sweets, especially fresh, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts?! The signature Jersey Shore shop hits the sweet spot when it comes to creating the perfect sweet-tooth approved concoctions. From fun flavors like creamsicle to staples like jelly, Broad Street Dough Co. can literally do no wrong.


Tacos from Tacoway Beach

Courtesy of The Infatuation

Tacoway Beach is a Rockaway hotspot, and it's bringing the flavor to Forest Hills. Although all of its offerings are delicious, I highly recommend the fish tacos, which are golden fried to perfection and topped off with a heaping handful of cabbage, some guac, and lime. Trust me, you'll be devouring these in seconds.


Churro Concoctions From Dulcinea

Courtesy of The Infatuation

How can you not love churros? Whether you prefer to dip them in chocolate, sandwich them between ice cream, or enjoy them by themselves, there's no "right" way to enjoy this treat. Dulcinea prepares the best of the best. Your Insta followers will love looking at them just as much as you love eating them, so win-win.


Get Your Breakfast On With King David's Tacos

Courtesy of The Infatuation

It's no secret breakfast is the most important (and most delicious) meal of the day. And, there's no better way to consume food than in taco form, amiright? Thus, King David's combines two faves into one savory, filling creation that will literally leave you speechless. Here's to hoping breakfast tacos make their way to mainstream NYC ASAP.

In short, if you're looking to boost your foodie Instagram game, this might be your chance. Happy eating, friends!