This Olympic Love Story Will Warm Even The Coldest Of Hearts

Harry How/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

There are a lot of adorable relationships at the 2018 Winter Olympics and one you need to introduce yourself to is Elana Meyers Taylor and Nic Taylor's relationship. Not only are they married, but they are both bobsledders, who have an immense amount of love and support for each other. Once you hear how they talk about one another and what they've done for each other, well, it's probably safe to say that you'll swoon — hard.

According to NBC Los Angeles, they first met in 2011 through bobsledding. Then, in 2013, Taylor proposed to Meyers Taylor on the podium of the 2013 World Championships. As Nic told USA Today in January 2013 after he proposed, he knew she was the one immediately. "The first time I talked to her," he said.

It wasn't long after in 2014 they got married in a bobsled-themed wedding (for real, and, yes it's amazing as it sounds). They are clearly meant for each other and their support system is something to be admired. As Meyers Taylor told NBCOlympics.com, she says Taylor is "my partner, my best friend, my teammate, my coach, my sports psych, my mechanic, my bobspike maker, my sounding board and everything in between."

So much so, that she told TeamUSA.org in February that one time when her bobsled got stuck in customs before the World Cup in Winterberg, Germany, Taylor went above and beyond to make sure it arrived in time for her race. Basically, he deserves the "Best Husband" award.

"When our sled didn’t show up, he and a teammate were the ones who drove to Munich six hours one way to pick up a new sled, so it was pretty incredible of them to do that,” Meyers Taylor said. "Then they had to turn around and get back in time for training. He’s always doing little things — although that was a big thing — to make sure I have what I need. He serves as my sports psychologist, coach, therapist; he does everything for me."

What makes their relationship even more special is that they've gotten to race together. After the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation implemented a new rule allowing women to push four-man sleds for the first time. Since then, they've been able to race together. It's something that means the world to Meyers Taylor.

"It’s so awesome and so much fun, and one of the coolest things we’ve gotten to do," she told TeamUSA.org about racing with Taylor. "Driving a four-man is in general amazing, but he takes care of everything with the sled so I can focus on driving the race. With him I know there are minimal things I’ll have to do as far as preparation. He takes care of it all and he knows what I need before I know I need it. With two-man you have a lot more responsibility as far as equipment goes, so it’s nice to have that break."

Sadly, Taylor is only in PyeongChang as a replacement athlete, whereas Meyers Taylor is on the 2018 Olympic team. That said, Taylor is thrilled for his champion wife and to be able to root her on at the Olympics. As he tweeted on Feb. 4, "Such a huge blessing to be able to share this experience with my wife, my best friend, and teammate."

And to make you swoon even more than you already are, please take a moment to look at this photo Taylor shared of Meyers Taylor in November 2017. He captioned it, "Proud husband moment!!!!-When you wake up, and there’s a billboard with your wife’s picture on it! Looking good honey! (But to be fair, you always look good)".

Yeah, they're beyond adorable. According to the official Olympics schedule, Meyers Taylor's event is set for Tuesday, Feb. 20. You know what that means? Taylor will most definitely be there rooting for his partner and love of his life. That's something you won't want to miss.