Elliott's 15 Most Ridiculous Outfits On 'Search Party,' Including THAT Wedding Look

by Rebecca Patton
John Early as Elliot in 'Search Party' Season 3
Jon Pack/HBO Max

Light spoilers ahead for Search Party Season 3. Elliott Goss (John Early) is by far the most fashionable person in his hipster friend group. Sure, Drew rocks his wire-rimmed glasses and cuffed jeans while Portia has a more socialite aesthetic, but Elliott's outfits on Search Party are one of the best, most outlandish parts of an already captivating series.

While his ensembles were relatively tame in Season 1, with Hawaiian button-ups and leather jackets, Elliott really goes for broke with his fashion choices in Seasons 2 and 3 as his mental state unravels. The more stressed out he feels, the more elaborate his get-up. He's like a peacock, wearing his insecurities (of which there are many, as we learn midway through Season 3) on his sleeve.

Costume designer Matthew Simonelli, who is responsible for all three seasons of Search Party, told The Cut in 2016 that both Portia and Elliott "have tons of money, and we don't know where their money comes from." Both characters, he added, are "this new wave of hipster. Maybe they were living in Manhattan and now they're living in Brooklyn because it's cool, but they're still shopping at Barney's."

While both Dory and Drew prefer thrifted clothes, according to Simonelli, it's hard to picture Elliott stepping inside a second-hand store — even a trendy chain like Buffalo Exchange or Beacon's Closet. Here are some of Elliott's best fashion moments from Search Party, ranked in ascending order.


Star and Stripes

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Season 2, Episode 8. The newsboy cap and Doc Martens really help complete this formal ensemble, which Elliott wears to Portia's play.


The Khaki Cowboy

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Season 2, Episode 2. This tan outfit is perhaps Elliott's attempt to fly under the radar, which he wears to drop off Chantal in Chappaqua, New York.


The Flower Bomb

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Season 1, Episode 6. Simonelli told The Cut that this three-piece floral suit was his favorite Elliott look from Season 1. Early's character dons this botanical bomber and matching pieces when Dory drags them to the creepy fertility cult, led by Parker Posey.


Pink Velvet

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Season 2, Episode 7. While Elliott is at the psychiatric facility Hallways, he dons an all-pink velour sweatsuit with slides that say "Day" and "Off" on the feet.


The Hamptons Hair Dye Disaster

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Season 3, Episode 2. When Elliott and Portia decide to take his water bottle transport van and get "far, far away from all of this," they decamp to the Hamptons. To go undercover, they dye their hair black, which of course means his sheer white shirt gets stained. The whole ensemble is a real cry for help.


Party in the Back

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Season 3, Episode 6. When Charlie Reeny (SNL's Chloe Fineman) asks Elliott to be on her conservative talk show Open Fire, he shows up at the studio in a billowing mustard top, striped pants, and a backless blue cap.


The Country Camo

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Season 3, Episode 9. Elliott — sorry, Eldad — briefly returns to his hometown of Hugget, West Virginia, sporting galoshes, camo overalls, a plaid button-down, and loud fleece. He ties it all together with his Louis Vuitton bag.


Slumber Party

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Season 2, Episode 4. It's unclear whether these are pajamas or regular clothes, but they look insanely comfortable either way.


The Law Suit

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Season 3, Episode 7. Elliott dons this comparatively understated plaid ensemble to testify during his friends' trial. And his fashion statement does not go unnoticed, with Dory's lawyer commenting on his "impeccable jacket."


Captain Underpants

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Season 2, Episode 6. Unable to handle the trauma from helping cover up Keith's murder, Elliott begins breaking out in hives and losing his hair. In a manic frenzy, he starts writing his entire book on long strips of fabric, dressed only in expensive boxer briefs. He then dons a tan sweater situation and marches to his editor's house to weigh all of her furniture and show off his progress.


Mental Block

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Season 2, Episode 3. When Elliott is starting to unravel under the pressure of concealing his complicity in a murder, he wears this clashing patterned ensemble.


The Fashion "No No"

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Season 2, Episode 9. This vocal ensemble was featured in that viral Twitter video of Early dancing from 2017. Elliott's shirt may say "No," but we say, "Yes."


Hallways and Byways

Screenshot/HBO Max

Season 2, Episode 8. Elliott leaves Hallways a little under two days after he arrives and immediately goes to his book publisher. His loud sweater, floral tasseled hat, and what looks like a skort portray his newfound inner peace.


The Yellow Hornet

Screenshot/HBO Max

Season 2, Episode 5. This outfit was already incredible before Elliott has "a partial wardrobe change," which he assures Portia was "always [his] intention." After Marc confronts his boyfriend about Keith while they're getting the keys to the city in Chappaqua, Elliott stress-sh*ts his pants. He is then forced to change into a pair of bright yellow culottes from the gift shop, which coincidentally match his scarf and gloves perfectly. His pleated rain jacket and wire cap, which he's wearing to hide his hives and hair loss, help complete the look.


The Midsommar Maypole

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Season 3, Episode 8. When Drew and Marc decide (perhaps ill-advisedly) to tie the knot, they land on the theme of "Attention." The grooms' beautiful suits have Midsommar-esque tassels, tempting children everywhere to grab one end and start running in a circle. The two are certainly attention-grabbing, just like the rest of their (sponsored) ceremony.