Elyse's Job Likely Kept Her Busy Even While Filming 'The Bachelor' This Season

Rick Rowell/ABC

When you're trying to score a date with your dream guy — particularly when you're doing so on national television as a Bachelor contestant — you're going to put a lot of thought into hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Luckily, one of the women with her sights set on Colton has plenty of experience putting her best face forward. Elyse from The Bachelor is a makeup artist with a lot of years under her belt in the industry, and some of the photos of her work are pretty stunning.

Elyse's Instagram account features photos of brides she's prepped for their big days, before and after side-by-sides of gorgeous transformations, and even super creepy Halloween makeup effects she's done on clients. Dotted between all of this professional work, of course, are also photos of beauty looks she's put together for herself. Whether she's donning a spooky look for a Halloween concert or sporting a more natural look, the photos always look flawless.

Her LinkedIn page, as pointed out by Cosmopolitan, gives some more info on why this area of expertise is what Elyse is passionate about. "I have a true passion for makeup artistry and am constantly updating my technique based on the hottest new trends and looks!" her bio reads. "I love finding the perfect look for each client, one that reflects who they are as a person and their inner beauty."

Elyse isn't content with simply leading a glam team for big events — she's looking to expand her beauty empire and teach people how to better their own makeup skills. One post on her Instagram page advertises an e-book she wrote about what basic knowledge people should have before they start experimenting with beauty products. The post, from April 2018, says to follow a link in her bio to purchase the book, but the link no longer appears to be posted.

She's also been tagging something called "Glamour Grasp" in some of her photos — it appears to be some kind of budding company Elyse is building that provides makeup tutorials and classes from professional artists. There's a website for Glamour Grasp up now, but information is sparse and there's a "coming soon" banner across the top. Luckily, the upside of being on The Bachelor (aside from finding True Love) is that it's a great way to promote a business or brand, so things should be up and running soon.

Another post from April 2018, this one featuring a before & after transformation demonstrating the power of contouring and eye makeup, mentions the company and elaborates on what she hopes to teach people. "The power of proper makeup application can not only enhance your natural features, but lift and contour the eyes and face!" Elyse wrote. "Very excited to bring beauty education to the masses when the @GlamourGrasp site goes live!"

A little screen time on The Bachelor certainly won't hurt Elyse's makeup artist notoriety — especially if she shows up stunning with perfect lashes and precise techniques. She made it past the first round of cuts from Colton, even though she wasn't featured super heavily in the season premiere. But the nature of Bachelor Nation is unforgiving — hopefully Elyse's eye-catching looks work their magic on Colton, giving her a little more time to make an impression, before she's left without a rose.