Emma's Time Is Almost Up On 'OUAT'

Jack Rowand/ABC

I know that Emma Swan is supposed to be the savior of Storybrooke and everything, but geez, this is a lot of work and for not a lot of payoff. She knows she’s going to die, and yet she is still trying to save everyone in her sleepy, fairytale town. In the Season 6 spring premiere, Emma certainly had her work cut out for her. Emma spared Gideon’s life on Once Upon A Time, but he vowed that he’d fulfill her fate in the end. That’s not ominous or anything.

The Season 6 winter finale of Once Upon A Time had Emma and Regina stuck in an alternate world where Emma was a lovely princess and had no idea what was going on in the real world. Eventually, Emma came back to her senses, and just when Regina and Emma were about to escape back to Storybrooke, Regina got distracted by Robin Hood, her love in the real world, and Emma and Regina lost their chance. After a deal with Pinocchio (aka August), Emma and Regina made it back to Storybrooke just in time to find Gideon, the son of Rumpelstiltskin and Belle. This is confusing because he was literally a baby the last time they saw him, and now he can grow a beard. Gideon is the hooded figure fated to kill Emma, and, even though Charming, Rumple, and Belle convince their children not to kill each other at the moment, Gideon vows that he will be back for Emma, and he’ll be back soon. It was nice to Emma not to slaughter Rumpelstiltskin and Belle’s son in front of them, but even she knows that she can’t fight fate.

How long can this dance of fate go on? I would imagine that it can’t go on that long, especially since viewers now know who Emma’s killer will be. Emma has to make sure everything in Storybrooke is calm and collected before she meets her maker, and my guess is that she’ll fight to save Storybrooke even more quickly now. Gideon is lurking and Emma’s days are numbered on Once Upon A Time.