Emma Stone Wore All Black To The Golden Globes To Support Survivors Of Sexual Assault

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Awards season is officially here, and it's starting out with a bang. Looking perfectly on-theme, Emma Stone wore all black to the Golden Globe Awards and took Billie Jean King as her date. The actor has a way of merging her characters and personalty into one outfit, but this year she took it to a whole new level. Because being nominated for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture for her role in Battle Of The Sexes is great, but she giving the spotlight to the real-life star behind her nominated role.

When it comes to the red carpet, you never know what to expect — especially with Stone. The actress has a way of taking every red carpet event and making it her own. Both Stone and King wore black in honor of the Time's Up movement, and as a way to protest the allegations of sexual assault that have been taking over Hollywood. Stone looked gorgeous in a one-strap, floor-length dress that was shimmery and elegant without taking away from the meaning of the color. The two women walking arm-in-arm in the color also makes a big statement.

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Last year Stone stunned at the Golden Globes with her properly-themed, star-splattered dress that gave off major La La Land vibes. She's also rocked a jumpsuit and a bright pink T-shirt dress-esque gown in the past, but this year she went above and beyond.

Her dress doesn't have a '70s vibe, like you might think. Instead of celebrating her role, she celebrated King. It all makes completely sense, considering that she typically embraces her characters on the red carpet. While it was expected that she would wear black, she looked absolutely gorgeous in the one-sleeve ruffled outfit.

If this look is any indication of how the night will go, I'd say that it's going to be a great one for Stone. If nothing else, she'll have this sartorial statement and great friendship to look back on for years to come.

Of course, it wasn't just Stone's outfit that stole the show. Her complete head to toe look was simple, but oh so sweet. She paired tucked back, slightly disheveled hair with a pink lip and somewhat smokey eye, which looked gorgeous, but didn't take away form the all-black gown. Stone has a way of blending two styles together effortless, and this year she's saying so much without saying anything at all.

Here's a closer look at the hair and makeup, so you can take it all in. The outfit is all about the details.

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Stone isn't the only one to bring an important guest to the Golden Globes this year, either. Tarana Burke, the leader of the #MeToo movement, showed up on the red carpet with Michelle Williams.

“We believe we are nearing a tipping point in transforming the culture of violence in the countries where we live and work,” Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Emma Watson, Amy Poehler, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Williams, Emma Stone and Shailene Woodley said in a joint statement, according to The Fader. “It’s a moment to transform both the written and unwritten rules that devalue the lives and experiences of women.”

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The Golden Globes red carpet are much more than a standard fashion display this year. The women, and a handful of supportive men, are making a statement with their all black outfits and their dates. This is the start of one heck of an awards season.