Eric & Donald Trump Jr. Went To A Wedding In Dubai — And You Helped Pay For The Trip

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Trump family has long jet set around the world to open skyscrapers, schmooze with the top 1 percent, and yes, attend weddings. But now that hits not just their pocketbook, but the American people's, too. Eric and Donald Trump went to a Dubai wedding, and the price tag for taxpayers was $73,000, CBS News reported. The government did not pay for their trip, but purchase orders from the United States Secret Service agents show that's how much their security cost.

The trip, according to the agents' purchase orders, was from March 26 through April 8, and the main costs were hotel rooms close to the Trump property and car service in the country.

Secret Service spokesperson Mason Brayman told CBS News in an email that they were operating in the area but didn't comment on any specifics. "The Secret Service is conducting a protective operation in the UAE," Brayman wrote to CBS News. "As a matter of practice we do not comment on the specifics of protectee's trips."

The Trump Organization did comment on the trip and wedding. A spokesperson for the confirmed to CNN that the brothers would be in United Arab Emirates. The spokesperson said:

On this visit, they will be spending time with the Sajwani Family, the incredible developers behind DAMAC properties and will be visiting the team at Trump International Golf Club, Dubai which opened to rave reviews in February 2017. Don Jr. & Eric will also be checking in on the progress of the Trump World Golf Club, Dubai, a Tiger Woods design that is currently under construction.

The visit was also confirmed by Hussain Sajwani's Twitter posts, Eric Trump's Twitter posts, and Lara Trump's Instagram. Lara is married to Eric. Sajwani posted a picture with both Trump brothers and said that he was delighted to host his "dear friends and business partners" during a "very special occasion in [his] family's life." His daughter Amira is getting married.

Eric focused on the Trump property that he visited, tagging Trump International Golf Club, Dubai. He posted two photos and noted, "Always great visiting our team."

Lara Trump's Instagram post featured her and another guest, seemingly at the wedding. She wrote the hashtag #greatminds as the commentary, seemingly a comment on her and the other guest's clothing, which was similar in color.

By former standards, this trip comes as quite the deal. The Secret Service ran through their 2017 allotment for protecting the president and his family by September. The agency asked for $60 million in additional funding to pay for protection of Trump, his family, and others from the administration in 2018.

Last year's annual ski vacation by the Trump family in Aspen, Colorado — not even an international destination — cost $300,000 in security costs. By comparison, Eric and Don Jr.'s trip was a steal.

Donald Trump's business partners in Dubai are working on developing at least two other Trump properties — even after he promised not to enter new deals while president. Trump had tweeted, “No new deals will be done during my term(s) in office." But the same family that his sons visited are developing luxury villas next to the current Trump golf club there, as well as another golf club, Arabian Business reported.

Sajwani remains close to Trump and has defended the president, even after Trump's anti-Muslim comments. "He had a strong brand — and no question in the last 12 months, his brand became stronger and more global," Sajwani told CNN Money in November 2016. "I think it will have a positive impact on sales. He's in no way discriminative. He doesn't discriminate against sex, religion, or anything else."

Given their business relationship, Eric and Don Jr.'s decision to attend the wedding makes sense. But thousands of tax payer dollars being spent may not.