Eric's Aunt Verna Won Over 'Bachelorette' Fans Everywhere


Now that hometown dates have finally rolled around on The Bachelorette, we get to meet the people who are most important in the lives of the remaining contestants. And for Eric, that includes his aunt, who is a total hoot. During her conversation with Rachel, she got down to business right away, asking her how she felt about being the first black Bachelorette. Seeing how straightforward yet genuinely caring she is made it easy to fall in love with her — especially for Bachelorette fans on Twitter who adored Eric's aunt from the getgo.

It's no surprise how beloved she is already — with just a few minutes to speak with Rachel on camera, she brought up a really important topic without mincing her words at all. It's clear that she loves her nephew, and she was so sweet and welcoming to Rachel. What's not to love about that?

If Eric doesn't win this season, he and his aunt need to come back in the future for more screen time. Or, you know, his aunt can just have her own talk show. Whatever.

A lot of people were just glad she was talking about the tough stuff the right way:

Others compared her to a famous talk show host who she must have gotten her skills from:

And some just really adored her.

One thing is clear: She may have only gotten a few minutes of screen time, but Eric's aunt has officially cemented herself a place in Bachelorette family history. It seemed impossible to top JoJo Fletcher's wine-drinking mom, but it looks like Aunt Verna might have actually managed to do it.