This 'DWTS' Elimination Was Tough

Eric McCandless/ABC

Well, I officially have one fewer reason to tune into this season of Dancing With The Stars. All of my favorite people seem to be in jeopardy, and tonight, things got real. Erika Jayne was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars, and, like, me many of her fans are upset that she was kicked off over Nick Viall.

Erika is certainly not the best dancer on the show, but she’s also not the worst. The worst, IMO, would be Nick Viall, former Bachelor and hanger-on of other Bachelor Nation shows. Nick’s Pinocchio performance was pretty wooden (pun intended), and I feel like Erika was just getting into her groove on Dancing With The Stars. I mean, she was so emotional this week when she learned she was in jeopardy. Erika felt like on the April 10 episode of Dancing With The Stars that she didn’t give it her all, and this week, she vowed to, dancing to “Unforgettable” from the Finding Dory soundtrack. Unfortunately, the fans didn’t forget last week’s “meh” performance, and Erika and Gleb’s efforts this week weren’t enough. I’m not the only Erika Jayne fan that’s disappointed by her elimination — Twitter lit up with grumbles and mumbles about Nick being eliminated first and Erika giving it her all this week.

I'm a fan of Erika's from her time on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, and I think that's part of the problem with her stint on Dancing With The Stars. Erika is a pretty quiet, sarcastic person, and she's not open to people she doesn't know. This doesn't really translate well into a show where you have to be smiling all the time — part of it is about the audience loving you, and I guess the audience just didn't have time to connect with Erika on Dancing With The Stars.