Erika Jayne Songs You Should Listen To Right Now

by Marenah Dobin
Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Erika Jayne is more than just Erika Girardi's alter ego. Aside from being a great excuse to try new hairstyles, drop down into splits, wear catsuits, and just be outrageous, the Erika Jayne persona has blessed us with some pretty dope songs. There are so many Erika Jayne songs that you should listen to right now.

Sure, Erika is an entertainer who really shines on the stage — every one of her performances is a total spectacle — but beyond the dancing and special effects are some truly great jams. Erika has songs that are perfect to get you through a workout, make the best out of your time in the office, turn up with your girls, and most importantly feel like the total boss that you are.

Everyone deserves to feel as fearless and empowered as Erika Jayne and there's no better way to channel Mrs. Girardi's alter ego than by listening to some of her best songs.

Erika has shared some of her music on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but the music gets interrupted by the dramatic story lines with the ladies. Unfortunately, there isn't a show that revolves around Erika's music, but if you want more, then these are the songs you need to listen to.

1. "Xxpen$ive"

At this point everyone who watches RHOBH is familiar with this song because little snippets are played here and there, but fans are rarely treated to the entire song. It is a total bop from beginning to end. High energy and high confidence throughout the whole song make it perfect to listen to in just about every scenario.

2. "How Many F*cks"

If you're having a rough day or if you're bogged down by some bad luck, this song is the perfect one to help you snap back to being the queen that you are. Don't waste time caring about things and people that shouldn't matter. How many f*cks do you give? Zero. Zero. Zero. None.

3. "Painkillr"

This is the song the music video for which had the Beverly Hills ladies freaking out in the Hamptons. You know, the one that Bethenny Frankel had the nerve to question. It's the perfect song for getting ready or even getting through some time on the elliptical at the gym. The beat is so infectious that it will be stuck in your head all day long.

4. "Crazy" (featuring Maino)

Roll down the windows and blare "Crazy" as you drive around this summer. This is just such a feel good song and Maino's energy really complements Erika's voice so well.

5. "Get It Tonight" (featuring Flo Rida)

How did this song not blow up? Erika plus Flo Rida is a combination that's as catchy as it sounds. It's the perfect party song.

6. "Pretty Mess" (Dave Aude Club Remix)

This is the song that inspired Erika's Instagram handle, so of course it's good, but this remix really takes things up a notch.

7. "Party People (Ignite the World)"

Everyone who watches Real Housewives of Beverly Hills knows that Erika is all about fun and so not down for the drama, so it makes sense that she would have a song about partying bringing people together.

8. "Everybody Wants Some"

Channel you inner bad girl by listening to "Everybody Wants Some." Press play enough times and you might end up forming and naming your own alter ego.

9. "Run Along"

This is another Erika jam to make you feel like the HBIC that you were meant to be. If you are dealing with some haters who you want to shake off, this song will inspire you to brush them off and put them in their place.

Every Erika song has a killer beat and provides the fun time that everyone needs to have every once in a while. From the gym to the club to your car and even your shower, listening to these songs makes every aspect of life a million times better.