Euron's Gift On 'GoT' May Be Ellaria's Worst Nightmare

Helen Sloan/HBO

Two episodes into Season 7 of Game of Thrones and we already have a plethora of shenanigans being set up. Episode 3, which is appropriately titled 'The Queen's Justice," has been set up to be full of clandestine meetings. Unfortunately, unlike the long-awaited meetup between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, Ellaria may be attending a less civilized meeting with Cersei and it is probably not going to end well for Oberyn's paramour. Euron may bring Ellaria and her daughter as a gift for Cersei on Game of Thrones and things could get very ugly.

That's right, the world's worst uncle is likely dragging Ellaria and Tyene, the only remaining of the Sandsnakes, to King's Landing after he destroyed Yara's Iron fleet. Some hawk-eyed fans over at Watchers On The Wall managed to snag some behind the scenes photos that show Euron triumphantly riding through the streets of King's Landing with Yara, Ellaria, and Tyene tied up behind his horse. This is important for many reasons, mostly because it begins to explain why he chose to keep one Sandsnake alive over the other two. After all, he sent Tyene's sisters to a particularly brutal death, followed by an equally gruesome display of their corpses on the front of Yara's ship.

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This all began when Dany ordered Yara and the Iron fleet to escort Ellaria back to Sunspear to gather the Dornish army to march on Kings Landing with Dany's troops. Everything was smooth sailing (I refuse to apologize for that pun) until Euron showed up and literally threw fireballs at Yara's fleet. His men quickly overtook their ship and Euron promptly massacred two of the Sandsnakes, Obara and Nymeria, while their sister Tyene tried to keep Ellaria safe below deck. When Euron's men made their way below deck as well, Ellaria pleaded with them to just kill them already. Team Euron ended up just taking them alive, both Ellaria and Tyene. Some fans may have wondered why Tyene and Ellaria were spared, while Obara and Nymeria received pretty gruesome endings.

Helen Sloan/HBO

In my opinion, this has everything to do with the Sandsnakes' biological mothers all being different. Every one of the three Sandsnakes (which were whittled down from eight that exist in the books), are all Oberyn's daughters but he was pretty busy wooing multiple women while he was alive, so they are not all Ellaria's kids. Way back in the fourth episode of Season 5, "Sons of the Harpy," fans heard Tyene refer to Ellaria as "mama," which none of the other Sandsnakes ever call her. I noticed that the show made sure to hammer in Tyene's penchant for calling Ellaria "mama" right before Euron attacked the ship in this last episode, possibly to remind fans that she is the biological daughter. In that same introduction scene, Obara talks about another woman being her actual mother. In the book, A Feast For Crows George R.R. Martin includes an exhaustive list of lineages for the major families in Game Of Thrones. In this list, it states that Obara's mother was an "Oldtown whore" (his words, not mine) and Nymeria's mother was actually a noblewoman. In a press release for the series that WinterIsComing.net published, the character descriptions for both Nymeria and Obara agree with their book origins. Tyene, however, is listed as being Ellaria's actual daughter with Oberyn in this character list.

So, it makes sense that Euron kept Tyene and Ellaria alive over Tyene's half sisters because if you remember, he promised Queen Cersei a "priceless gift." What better gift to bring a vengeful, mourning mother than the woman who murdered your daughter and her only child? If I am correct in my theory, it looks like the plan may be for Cersei to kill Tyene (likely by poisoning, since Myrcella was murdered that way) in front of her mother, Ellaria. This would be complete justice to Cersei and the episode title fits perfectly with this scenario. Also, Euron will get a gold star for his handy work.

Sunday's episode will probably be pretty brutal, if the setups from last week follow through the way they seem to be. If Cersei gets a hold of Ellaria and Tyene, fans are in for a terrifying scenario. A mother scorned, am I right?