Every “Cabaret” Mention On ‘RHONY’ So You Can Play Bethenny’s Drinking Game At Home

by Marenah Dobin

During the May 15 episode of Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel came up with a hilarious, yet potentially deadly game. It was a drinking game with only one rule: drink every time anyone — namely Luann — says the word "cabaret." As expected, there were a lot of "cabaret" mentions on Real Housewives of New York. And, it actually wasn't just the cabaret star herself who was talking about it.

The other New York City Housewives had a lot to say about Luann de Lesseps new career as a cabaret star. Basically, they're over hearing her talk about her cabaret show.

In fact, every single cast member said it at least once during the last episode. Luann's show is really making an impact. It might not be in the exact way she wants, but all publicity is good publicity. Right?

And for all anyone knows, Luann is laughing all the way to the bank. Luann's cabaret show "Countess and Friends" actually seems very successful. She has been touring all around the country in her Jovani gowns with accompanying statement necklaces. There's no stopping her.

Her costars have been very supportive of Lu's show. However, they just want to talk about something else for once.

The word cabaret was said EIGHTEEN TIMES throughout the episode. Plus, there's a debatable honorable mention with a flashback to a scene from earlier in the episode.

Mentions #1-3

Of course Ramona Singer was the first cast member to mention the "c" word. She managed to say it three times.

During one of her confessionals about Luann, she remarked, "It's almost like she's on this high horse. 'I am a cabaret star. Do you know who I am? I'm a cabaret star. So, darling, you must do this for me and that for me because I am Luann, the cabaret star.'"

Ramona, you're not the only cast member who feels this way.

Mention #4

Barbara Kavovit and Sonja Morgan attempted to get through to Luann before the rest of the cast arrived at her new home in upstate New York.

Barbara told Luann, "We're concerned that you're now this big cabaret star."

Sonja added, "and spending no time with us." Unfortunately, the countess just wasn't listening.

Mention #5

Luann has a necklace collection inspired by what else — the cabaret show. This shocks absolutely no one at this point.

During the episode, she consulted Sonja on her accessory selection for the evening. Lu told her, "Tonight, I'm gonna wear this for the cabaret thing." Of course, she is.

Mention #6

Luann admitted, "I never thought the cabaret was going to be as big as it's gotten. " Neither did anyone else, Lu.

Mention #7

Luann managed to promote Jovani, her statement necklaces, and, you guessed it, her a cabaret show all in one sentence.

She declared, "Working on a collection of jewelry to go along with my dresses from Jovani for the cabaret show just came organically."

Mention #8

Always a supportive friend (with Tinsley Mortimer's love life as the exception), Sonja said, "I love Luann's cabaret collection."

Mention #9

Sonja summed up the situation best when she said, "I think it is just lovely to see her passion being ignited, but now 'cabaret' is a trigger word with the group." And for some RHONY viewers as well.

Mention #10

Sonja warned, "Don't say 'cabaret' around the group." Too little, too late.

Mention #11

Bethenny had a stroke of genius when she said, "How many times will the word 'cabaret' be said? That's a fun game." Fun, yet very risky as a drinking game.

Mention #12

Instead of drinking, Dorinda Medley suggested, "Every time the word 'cabaret' is said, you have to take off a piece of clothing." If they played with that rule, the women would be naked by the end of the episode.

Mention #13

During a group discussion, Lu talked about a performance that they would see late that night. She didn't actually mention the word "cabaret," but Tinsley did during her confessional.

Tinsley wondered, "Lu didn't say cabaret, but it still counts. Right?" Why not?

Mention #14

Tinsley kept it real when she declared, "I didn't come here to make friends. I came here to win the cabaret drinking game." It's unclear how one person would "win" this game.

Mention #15

Bethenny couldn't help wondering, "Am I allowed to not go to a cabaret?" Unfortunately, that's not an option. The only one who gets away with missing cast events is Ramona.

Mention #16

Bethenny pointed out, "I had never been to a cabaret in my whole life and I was OK." She was missing out then! Or at least that's what Lu must think.

Mention #17

At one point during the episode, Bethenny almost said it, but she stopped herself mid-sentence. It still counts though.

Bethenny asked Luann, "Oh, you weren't wearing that for the cab- ... for the show?" Drink.

Mention #18

During a very heated moment, Bethenny told Luann, "This is my life. You're doing your cabaret and your life. And I respect that and I was there supporting that. I am living my life."

The conversation ended with that episode with the words "to be continued" displayed across the screen.

Will there be more mentions next week? Most likely. Will there be more mentions this season? Absolutely. We'll update this post accordingly either way.