Everything 'Bachelorette' Star Will's Instagram Tells Us About His Real Life

Michael Yada/ ABC

I know that everyone is talking about Bachelor In Paradise lately, but there is still an amazing season of The Bachelorette that is happening right this minute. Rachel's choices are only getting more and more difficult as the weeks go by and she gets to know the men. One contestant that is probably capturing a lot of fans' hearts is 28 year-old sales manager and '90s enthusiast, Will Gaskins. Bachelor Nation may be curious to find out more about this charmer and if you take one peek at Bachelorette contestant Will's Instagram, it reveals a lot about his life outside of the show.

Having already made a good impression upon a large demographic of Bachelor Nation with his Steve Urkel outfit on limo exit night, Will has succeeded in maintaining a pretty charming appearance during Rachel's season. Of course, Rachel is a pretty phenomenal woman. To say she is a catch is quite an understatement. Any guy that is going to put a ring on it in the end is going to have to be a well-rounded, awesome individual. Well, where is a better place to get a sense of someone than on social media? Here is what Will's Instagram reveals about him.

1. He Loves His Baby Sister

I just love seeing a proud older brother. Maybe it's because I have a (hopefully proud) older brother myself. In an adorable post about her graduation from college, Will gushes about his little sister and how she amazes him with her accomplishments.

2. His Friends Are As Hilarious As He is

This honestly makes me happy, because his personality needs to be nurtured by similarly goofy surroundings. The true definition of #SquadGoals.

3. He Appreciates Good Food

Will takes a lot of pictures of food. I know, a lot of people find that annoying when it is done too much or when it is not done well, but Will eats some delicious meals and loves to document them. Personally, I am on board for his brand of food art.

4. He's A Game Of Thrones Fan

I mean, can he get any better?

5. He Is A Self-Professed Nerd

You've got to love a guy who admits to his geekiness. Will is a Sci-Fi fan and hashtags a lot of his photos with #nerd. Talk nerdy to me, indeed.

6. He Is An Athlete

In the photo he posted of his sister, Will mentioned that he played basketball in college and is still clearly active in the game. He seems to post a lot of throwback photos of his time as a college jock.

7. He Really Loves Urkel

I mean, I get it. '90s kids for life.

8. He Loves His Mom

It is clear that Will adores spending time with his family and obviously loves his mom, in particular. Is it just me, or is Will looking more and more perfect for Rachel?

9. He Is A Runner

Sure, Will is definitely a runner but he knows where the true priorities are. Spoiler alert: it's always about pizza.

I'm not going to lie, I am rooting really hard for Will this season. I truly think he has what it takes to make Rachel an extremely happy lady and I really hope he gets to put a ring on it in the end — but we'll just have to watch to find out how far he goes.