Get To Know Will From 'The Bachelorette'

Michael Yada/ABC

In The Bachelorette premiere, Rachel Lindsay met the many suitors who will attempt to win her heart this season. One of the memorable limo introductions came from William Gaskins, who channeled the '90s and dressed up Family Matters' Steve Urkel — and then transforms into Stefan Urquelle. So, who is Will on The Bachelorette? Aside from being an apparent '90s kid, Will is a 28-year-old sales manager, according to his official ABC bio. His LinkedIn profile lists his current job as Channel Sales Manager at Herman Miller, a furniture company. In Will's own words on LinkedIn, he is "taking space and making it great!"

He also describes a bit about his upbringing in his LinkedIn bio. "I grew up in a Military household so the [tenets] of hard work and determination were [ingrained] into me early and often throughout my life," Will wrote. "This carried over from home life, to school, to sports and my everyday interactions with people." In addition, it's pretty apparent from his Bachelorette introduction that Will has quite the sense of humor. His Instagram account bio even jokes that he's "here for the wrong reasons," before calling himself a "proud member of the roseboys of S-13" (meaning, a contestant on The Bachelorette Season 13). But will Rachel find his humor charming enough to fall in love? We shall see.

And, there's plenty more for fans to know about Will.

He's A Graduate Of Ithaca College

According to his LinkedIn profile, Will graduated from Ithaca College in upstate New York in 2010 and he played varsity basketball for the school's team. In his above Instagram post, Will mentions that his younger sister also plays basketball for the school and his family has "two generations of IC grads."

He's A Runner

Many of Will's IG photos are scenic snaps taking from his runs. In the caption for the above image, he wrote jokingly, "I ran a pizza so I deserve a pizza."

He Has Dressed Up As Steve Urkel Before

In this IG photo dated Halloween 2016, Will dressed up like the famous Family Matters character. "[Urkel] takes on Miami," he wrote in the photo caption.

He Moved To Miami In 2015

In this Instagram snap from 2015, Will took a selfie in front of his new apartment building in Miami. " I'm officially a Floridian now," he wrote in the photo caption.

He Spends Time With His Mom

Will has many photos with his mom and sister on his IG account, showing he enjoys spending quality time with his family.

He Likes Taking Photos Of Food

Like many other folks on IG, Will seems to enjoy taking photos of his food — whether it's a weekend brunch or from McDonald's. In the above Instagram photo from 2016, Will proudly describes this salad he made: "...taking my cooking game [way] up lately steak salad with nectarines, feta cheese and almonds."

Can he win Rachel over? We'll (or should I say, Will) just have to wait and see.