Everything You Need At A Summer Music Festival

The season of extra long lunches, outdoor workouts, and patio happy hours is upon us. We’ve officially kicked off the summer, which means we only have a couple of precious months to accomplish everything on our warm weather bucket list. Personally, this means hitting up as many concerts and music festivals as possible, and sipping my drink of choice (wine) as I do it.

Luckily for me — and picnic lovers everywhere — there's an easy way for me to get my wine on while taking on the music festival circuit without breaking the bank or being burdened by glass bottles, thanks to Barefoot Refresh Spritzers, which offer up wine in an oh-so-handy can. If a summer music festival is on the calendar for you (and if it has a BYO alcohol option, as many do), your refreshment options are about to change dramatically — #YeahYouCan have your outdoor wine and drink it, too!

In partnership with Barefoot Refresh Spritzers, we’ve rounded up six items you should have on hand before you hit the road this summer, no matter what kind of music you love.

Cell Power

In order to Snapchat sets from your ideal lineup, you’re going to need a fully charged battery. Make sure you’ve got a portable charger on hand to stay powered up for a full day of stage hopping (and Instagramming).

Barefoot Refresh Spritzers


Wine. In. A. Can. Enough said. But if you need more convincing, let’s talk. Barefoot’s Refresh Spritzers are available in delicious flavors, Crisp White, Summer Red, Moscato, and Rosé, so there’s a flavor for every wine lover in your group. They’re light and portable, so you don’t need to exert anything beyond the energy level of “grab and go," and many music festivals don't even allow glass bottles, for obvious reasons. On board? We thought so.


It should go without saying, but we’ll tell you anyway: Make sure you’re protected from the summer rays. Whether you’re in your own backyard or heading somewhere that’s got more of a party-in-the-desert vibe, SPF is crucial. Make sure you apply sunscreen before you head out for the day, since you’re probably not going to want to carry that with you. Also, make sure you’ve got your sunglasses with you, because squinting all day is not a way to enjoy yourself).

Comfy Shoes

We’re all about making a fashion statement, but save your less-than-comfortable footwear for your night out. You’ll be standing and dancing all day (and if we’re being honest, probably well into the early morning hours), so make sure you’re wearing shoes that’ll keep you on your feet.

A Disposable Camera (Seriously)

If you didn’t take our advice and bring a portable charger, you’ll have a backup for committing those candids and group shots to film. Plus, taking the time to develop your pictures is a good way to pile on the nostalgia, both of your trip and to a time before cell phone cameras existed.

A Way to Find Friends

A flag or some other representation is a good way to make friends in the crowd. “I sometimes like to bring a flag that's descriptive of my group or myself. It's a great way to meet people at festivals who are from similar places or have had similar experiences. For example, my friends brought a Rhode Island flag to a festival last summer and ended up meeting friends who approached them as fellow Rhode Islanders,” serial festival-goer Erin, 25, says. Bonus? If you end up getting separated from your group, this is a simple way to spot them.

This article is sponsored by Barefoot Refresh Spritzers. Please drink responsibly.