Everything You Need To Stop Chafing, According To Someone Whose Thighs Rub

by Amber Petty

I was five years old when I noticed my thighs rubbed together, becoming red and itchy from chafing after a day of play. It was uncomfortable then, and it's still uncomfortable. However, I'm lucky enough now to have some great products that stop chafing in my skin care arsenal at all times.

Since I'm not new to chafing, I've experimented with a lot of remedies over the years. First, I tried the deodorant trick, where you rub some deodorant where you feel chafing. This left me with white globs all over my skirt and would sweat off surprisingly fast. Later, I learned about anti-chafing balms which don't rub off on clothes and generally work a hundred times better.

After my deodorant trial, I tried my cheapest trick yet — I cut my tights into shorts and wore them under my dresses. Though this does technically work, it's the least comfortable solution I've tried. Half the time the legs would roll up or the waist rolled down, and I was pretty hot. Now, I just get bike shorts when I want extra anti-chafing protection. Available in moisture-wicking material and breathable fabrics, they don't feel like an extra layer of clothing.

If you have trouble with thigh chafing (or chafing anywhere), you've come to the right place. I'm a lifetime pro and I guarantee these products will let you wear your favorite skirts and short shorts without any fear of pain.


The Antibacterial Cream That Keeps Your Thighs Happy

Reflect Sports Hoo Ha Ride Glide, $15, Amazon

This anti-chafing cream with an incredible name is made from natural antibacterial ingredients like lavender and eucalyptus to stop friction and kill bacteria. It's formulated for bike riding, but can be used any time. Plus, the organic extracts like licorice and sandalwood soothe already inflamed skin in any area you want to put it.


The Anti-Chafe Balm That Glides On With Ease

BodyGlide Original Anti-Chafe Balm, $15, Amazon

With thousands of rave reviews, this is probably the most popular anti-chafing solution on Amazon. This balm easily glides onto your skin wherever you need some chafing protection. It's completely clear, non-sticky, and doesn't clog your pores. The glide has never been tested on animals and its plant derived products won't irritate your skin.


The Powder That Greatly Reduces Swampy Body Conditions

Lady Anti-Monkey Butt Powder, $8, Amazon

When it gets really hot, sometimes you just want a product that helps everything stay dry. Thankfully, Lady Anti-Monkey Butt powder does just that — and of course, it can be used by anyone. The calamine powder relives itching and soothes skin, and the cornstarch prevents chafing. One reviewer writes: "Seems like every time I don't apply it, I get undie-band chafing marks. Will definitely be using this product from here on out."


The Fashionable Garters That Keep Chafing Away

Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands, $18, Amazon

I love these! These elastic bands are made to be worn right where your thighs rub together to prevent skin friction and irritation. They have non-slip silicone strips to keep them in place, while the material itself is incredibly stretchy and soft. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors, and the lace make them a super cute addition to your wardrobe.


The Sports Cream Made With Tea Tree Oil

Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream, $19, Amazon

Sadly, this isn't the essence of Zoolander's amazing "Blue Steel" look, but it is an amazing cream. This sports cream uses tea tree oil to ward off bacteria, keeping your skin clean and free from infection. Then, the cream itself maintains a barrier over your skin to keep friction away. It's long lasting and won't sweat off no matter how hard you may be working out.


The Little Shorts That Fit Under Any Skirt

Danskin Women's 5-Inch Bike Shorts (Sizes S-2X), $23, Amazon

Though I love shorts that go to the mid thigh, sometimes that's just too long to hide under the hem of your skirts. If you'd like to wear something a little shorter but still go chafe free, give these shorts a try. The five inch inseam gives you the coverage you need to stop friction while it stays hidden under shorter skirts. The moisture wicking fabric will keep you dry and the super stretchy materials provides a wonderful fit.


The Wipes That Relieve Chafing On The Go

2Toms Sport Shield Towelette, $15 (10 Count), Amazon

Whether your shorts ride up unexpectedly or you take a longer walk than you expected, these sport wipes are perfect for unexpected chafing. It's individually wrapped so you can keep one in your bag at all times. Then, you just wipe it on and it'll provide friction protection for the rest of the day. It doesn't sting and won't sweat off, so you'll be comfortable in seconds.


This Balm That Stops Both Chafing And Blisters

ChafeZone Anti-Chafe and Blister Prevention Stick, $9, Amazon

If you're working out heavily and need something that will definitely stay in place, try this chafing balm. Made for athletes, it'll protect you from friction during even the hardest work outs. Plus, you can also you it on your feet or hands to prevent blisters from forming. One reviewer writes: "I don't know why I didn't try this sooner! Unlike deodorant or baby powder, ChafeZone can get me through a whole day in a dress. No more red, burning thighs! This little stick goes a long way. It's not messy or runny and does not have a noticeable smell once it's on. Even on hot days, it seems to hold up."


The Under Shorts That Are Incredibly Soft

Zerdocean Modal Breathable Lightweight Mid Thigh Shorts (Sizes 1X-3X), $10-$12, Amazon

If you haven't worn shorts under skirts before, it might seem like it would be really bulky or hot. But if you have breathable shorts like this modal pair, it's surprisingly comfortable. The mid-thigh length keeps the legs from rolling up while the modal fabric is incredibly soft and breathable. They are very comfy and won't add any bulk to your outfits. Most reviewers recommend ordering a size down.


A Cream Made From Beeswax And Aloe

Gooch Guard Chamois Cream, $16, Amazon

This chamois cream is easy to apply straight from the jar, and it's free from parabens, petroleum, and common skin allergens — making it a great choice for sensitive skin. It's perfect for intense workouts or bike rides, but plenty of people love it for every day summertime use. One frequent festival-goer writes "GOOCH GUARD to the rescue! Smear it on, it's more pleasant than Vaseline, works better than Gold Bond, doesn't smell like baby powder and keeps you feeling pleasant."


The Calming Gel That Rolls Right On

2Toms Sport Shield Roll-On, $13, Amazon

If you really love the Sport Shield wipes, but wish you could have more of it around, try their roll-on version. It rolls on in seconds and immediately provides protection from friction that's completely waterproof. The application is fast and easy and just a little bit gives you 24 hours without any chafing worries.


The Compression Shorts That Keep You Cool

UnderArmour Heatgear Alpha Middy Shorts (Sizes S-XXL), $60, Amazon

Feel free to wear these anti-chafing shorts under your skirts or when you work out. Either way, your body will stay cool due to their specially designed fabric that wicks away moisture and helps regulate your temperature to keep you comfortable. These are compression shorts, so they'll be a bit more snug than the others, though the four way stretch still provides a comfortable fit.


The Spray That Keeps Friction Away

Trislide Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant, $15, Amazon

This spray skin lubricant works in seconds and feels like it was never there. Now, its skin protecting qualities will be working full force, but you'll probably forget you ever put on a balm in the first place — it's that light. It's safe on all fabrics and sweatproof, too.


The Balm That Comes In A Convenient Squeeze Tube

Rocket Pure Natural Friction Therapy Anti-Chafe and Chamois Balm, $17, Amazon

If you'd like your thighs to stay friction free without any harsh chemicals involved, give this balm a try. The ingredients are natural and the cream works incredibly well to ease friction. Plus, it contains oils that help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, so it's great to use on skin that's already chafed.


The "Man" Powder That's Good On Every Body

Chassis Premium Body Powder, $18, Amazon

Sure, this powder claims to be "man care" but obviously anyone who needs chafing relief can use it. The powder does a great job of absorbing moisture and keeping odors away. The feel is soft and soothing and it's made without any talc, parabens, aluminum, or menthol.


The Cult Classic Gel With A Powdery Finish

Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel, $11, Amazon

A little bit like a powder and a lotion all-in-one, this gel is wonderful for chafing protection. The gel dries into a soft, powdery finish that doesn't leave a residue on your clothes and contains vitamin E to keep your skin nourished. It instantly relieves irritation and prevents friction problems for the rest of the day — so it's no surprise it has over 1,000 reviews.

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