Female Board Members Are Still In The Minority & The Reasons Why Are Genuinely Laughable

Per Swantesson/Stocksy

We are all born equal. OK, just kidding! Liberal myth joke out of the way, gender equality in the work place remains strongly in one direction and I'll give you two guesses which way that is. Yes, you nailed it in one: men remain at the top of pecking order in corporate environments among a great many other working environments. Do not even get me started on to the gender pay gap or we will be here all week. Female board members remain few and far between, and when business leaders were interrogated about this fact, the results were... interesting.

The government recently backed an independent review on the topic by Sir Philip Hampton and the late Dame Helen Alexander. The purpose of the review was to look at how women at the higher end of business are treated, promoted, and rewarded. Investigators spoke to a load of executives from FTSE 350 companies to produce their findings, and from this review, the BBC put together the top most cited reasons for women not being on the boards of these companies.

No, this is not Mad Men. No, these are not the punchlines of jokes you never even found funny in the first place but felt like you had to laugh at what given male fragility et al. This is the corporate environment in the UK in 2018. So, find your nearest stress ball and make sure what ever you are drinking won't stain when you spit it out laughing. Here's the top ten most ridiculous reasons for not appointing female executives.