Here's Your First Look At Every Single Shade Of Fenty Beauty's Mattemoiselle Lipsticks

Fenty Beauty

If your love for Fenty Beauty runs deep but you wish Rihanna gave you more to work with in the lip department, then your prayers have been answered. When she first launched her beauty line, there was only one lip product available, and it was a nude gloss. While Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb is gorgeous and looks fabulous on all skin tones, having just one lip product to play with is was what you would call a mellow start when it comes to lippies. Soon after, Rihanna began slipping a few more lip products into the game, wetting our appetites with a limited-edition cosmic gloss and lipstick line, and one single red liquid lipstick. But it was never as comprehensive and all-spanning like, say, Fenty Beauty's foundations or highlighters.

That is, until now.

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle is a range of 14 new matte lipsticks, spanning across all the colors of the rainbow, and then some. All those lipstick shades that both Rihanna's and Fenty Beauty's Instagram accounts have been teasing us with have been hues from this new collection.

From RiRi's navy matte lipstick, to her periwinkle lip, to her hot pink look, it was all a teaser to this very line. But those were just three sneak peeks, and we have 11 more to study intimately. And we're going to do that just right now. Below is every shade you can find in the Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle collection, for your viewing pleasure.


In-Your-Face Purple

Fenty Beauty

If you thought lilac and purple was only reserved for spring, Rihanna is here to shake up your idea of seasonal color schemes. You no longer have to wait for warmer weather to get your hands on bright, flower-like colors. You can get them in the middle of a polar vortex if you would like, all thanks to Fenty Beauty.


Forest Green

Fenty Beauty

This new matte line is exciting in the fact that it offers beauty lovers so many avant garde and out-of-the-box colors to play with. Take this deep, hunter green shade for example. Imagine how it would pop against a copper smokey eye.


Coppery Orange

Fenty Beauty

Metallics are some of the hottest shades during the winter season, and this coppery orange hue will make you smolder from underneath your parka. It's just brown enough to make those that don't like bold colors comfortable, but orange enough to stand apart from the rest of your copper lipstick shades.


Periwinkle Purple

Fenty Beauty

This periwinkle shade was the infamous product teaser on Rihanna's Instagram that had the beauty world buzzing over what the shade could mean. Was it a new Stunna Lip Paint hue? Was it going to be part of a bigger collection? Could we expect more bold colors for the winter season? It seems like all of our questions have been answered.


Berry Pink

Fenty Beauty

A cross between a berry and a magenta, this lets you straddle the line right between red and pink. It's easy to see this saturated color looking beautiful on all skin tones.


Navy Blue

Fenty Beauty

This is another lippie that was teased on Rihanna's Instagram, where the matte shade appeared to be an exciting mix of blue, black, and purple undertones. It looks like the perfect shade to slick on when you're feeling bold on the weekend, and are ready to turn heads at whatever bar you're heading to.


Brown Nude

Fenty Beauty

This nude looks like it's crossed with mauve undertones, giving you a richer brown shade, rather than just the typical soft pink.


Berry Red

Fenty Beauty

While the Stunna Lip Paint was a true fire fighter red, this option looks to be darkened by a few shades, giving you a deeper, warmer hue.


Dusty Pink

Fenty Beauty

If you prefer more subdued, rose-like colors, this dusty pink has your name on it. It's also just a teensy bit dark, making it feel more winter-appropriate.


Mauve Brown

Fenty Beauty

If you're the type that likes to wear a mauve color rather than a rose hue, this pretty shade can be the statement-factor you've been looking for.


Pitch Brown

Fenty Beauty

It's not pitch black, but it looks about as brown as brown can get. This is a beautiful dark chocolate shade that will satisfy both your '90s obsession and vamp cravings.


Blood Red

Fenty Beauty

If you tend to gravitate towards dark, saturated red colors, Fenty Beauty has your back. This matte shade will look like you have blood on your lips, in the best way possible.


Deep Purple

Fenty Beauty

Call it plum, oxblood, or maroon, this is the ultimate vamp shade for those that like to stock up on the darker color spectrum.


Chocolate Brown

Fenty Beauty

If you've been looking for the perfect brown shade to add to your collection, look no further. This warm, chocolate brown makes you think of hot chocolate and melted candy bars — and it will look just as tasty on.

The Mattemoiselle collection drops at 9 a.m. EST on Dec. 26, both in stores and online. It will be available in Sephora and Harvey Nichols, meaning you probably won't be sleeping in the day after Christmas. Get those alarms ready!