Fenty Beauty Now Has A Tool On Its Site That Suggests Your Perfect Shade In EVERY Product

Despite there now being hundreds of (diverse) shades to choose from in this new wave of beauty, brands are getting better about how beauty fans can navigate them all. Fenty Beauty just developed a shade finder online, and it offers shade suggestions outside of foundation and concealer.

To take out the guesswork of completing a true Fenty Beauty face, the brand is introducing its new Fenty Face Shade Finder. The shade finder is a compilation of six short questions where the interactive questionnaire will inquire about everything from what kind of jewelry looks best and how the sun affects the wearer’s skin. Based on the answers, the shade finder will give users a customized lineup of products best suited to the shade of Pro Filt’r Foundation.

The shade finder offers shade matches for Fenty’s Instant Retouch Concealer, setting powder options, Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix and Shimmer Stix, Sun Stalk’r Bronzers, and Killawatt Highlighters.

In addition to the skin tone suggestions, Fenty Beauty’s shade finder will offer a series of artistry pro tips in between product suggestions for users to gain a better understanding of how each product works and how to get the most out of them. Plus, as new complexion products are launched, the quiz will auto-update to include products that are perfectly matched to shoppers' skin tone.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how to find the perfect Fenty face with the brand’s shade finder.

First, the quiz will ask the user whether or not they've found their shade. Even if shoppers think they know their shade, this quiz helps define the shade match even more.

The user will then choose which shade range they belong to in the Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep shade families. Within the skin tone family of the user's choice, they can then select a model who closest resembles the shopper's skin tone.

The type of metal jewelry a person is best suited for reveals which undertone they are. According to Healthline, when traditional yellow gold looks good on skin, the wearer is more likely to have warm and olive undertones. Whereas silver, white gold, and rose gold looks better on people with cool undertones. But if a person can rock both, then they're more likely to have neutral undertones.

Depending on how the sun treats a person's skin will also determine their shade. If shoppers have skin that burns easily or not at all, it can affect the way makeup oxidizes on the skin throughout the day and how the makeup will slide off if its not a suitable formula.

Even veins can snitch on a person to reveal which undertone they fall under. Green-looking veins indicate a warm undertone while blue and purple veins cater more to cooler undertones. If the shopper's unsure or their veins are colorless, then they're riding the neutral wave.

Whether or not a user is unsure of their vein color, the quiz will bring them to a question asking what their skin looks like in its most natural state. This will also vary from season to season as skin needs change.

Finally, the user will be asked to narrow down which model is closest to their shade and users will get their shade results. Shoppers can add their favorite Fenty face products to their cart right in the quiz or email it to themselves for later.

Fenty Beauty first shook the table with 40 shades in 2017, but as RiRi's beauty empire (and shade range) grows, her fans can confidently pack their shopping carts with perfectly matched shades without a makeup store in sight.