Find Out Which Cold-Weather Style Staple To Update With This Flowchart

Courtesy of Uniqlo

Navigating cold weather style gets trickier every year, whether you're attempting to turn 32 clothing layers into a seasonal trend, or your closet "classics" (aka, worn-out coats, frayed scarves, and pilling beanies) aren't cutting it anymore. Revamping your chill-proof look is actually pretty easy; just start with the staples — you know, the core layers and accessories that keep you warm until spring.

We've teamed up with Uniqlo to help you get your cold weather style strategizing in gear. Through a series of winter personality questions, we'll make it easy to determine which crucial closet piece to update first, so the rest of your winter wardrobe can follow suit.

This post is sponsored by Uniqlo.

Design: Mary Blount/Bustle.