Five NYC Brunch Spots For Every Occasion

There are certain things that have become so iconically associated with New York City, you practically can't have one without the other. Take brunch, for example. We've all been taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But here in New York, brunch takes first place, because what's better (or more important) than eggs, pancakes, and a drink at noon? It's also the perfect opportunity to get dolled up and flood everyone's social feed with snapshots of your carefully-planned outfit and artfully-arranged food photos — because, "pics or it didn't happen," right?

Another NYC staple? Fifth Avenue. What's more classic than walking down the thoroughfare and peering in the windows of storefronts, like Coach? In fact, their latest Eau de Toilette fragrance is actually inspired by the Big Apple itself — its spontaneity, cool downtown style, and early morning sunrises. (Speaking of morning, do you want to meet up for brunch?)

As a NYC local, I pride myself on being a self-proclaimed brunch expert. Whether I have friends visiting for the weekend in search of classic Eggs Benedict, or I just need a solid spot for brunch-time boozing, I always have a list of the best restaurants on hand. So in collaboration with Coach Fragrance, I'm going to take you through my typical weekend routine and share some of my favorite daytime restaurants that can only be found in NYC's five boroughs.

The Family Brunch

I always start my day with a cup of black coffee at home, even when I have plans for brunch. And when the family is visiting, I usually swap out my mimosa for anything caffeinated (playing tour guide is exhausting). Revel in the West Village serves up a full menu of ooey, gooey, Italian-inspired brunch offerings. Think: omelettes, pasta, eggs any-which-way, and most importantly, top-notch coffee. They also have a beautiful indoor/outdoor garden space perfect for a family photo.

The Friend-From-Out-Of-Town Brunch

Friends visiting from out of town means two things: spending an excessive amount of time getting ready and enjoying a classic rooftop brunch. For the former, I'm a huge advocate of misting on seasonal fragrances. My current go-to scent is the new Coach Eau de Toilette. The floral aroma is light enough to wear on even the balmiest day (making it perfect for an outdoor meal), and your friends will definitely try to steal a spritz (or two).

And when it comes to the ideal sky-scraping brunch, you can expect live jazz music, a rooftop with a view, and 92-cent cocktails at Hotel Chantelle. It's one of the liveliest brunch places in the city thanks to its NOLA-meets-NY ambience. So if you're in the mood for cheap but delicious cocktails and a little old-school jazz, this is the spot for you.

The Boozy Brunch

No watered down mimosas here. If you're in the mood for a classically boozy, all-you-can-drink spot, Agave will become your newest weekend obsession. It's a Southwestern-inspired restaurant located in the heart of Manhattan that offers bottomless bloodys, mimosas, and margaritas (!!!). You can expect a line out the door, so try and make reservations at least two weeks ahead.

The Instagram-Worthy Brunch

Sunday in Brooklyn is a small and intimate restaurant located in Williamsburg that truly has some 'gram-worthy items on its menu. And the best part is that everything tastes as good as it looks – from their spicy Bloody Mary to their malted pancakes and charred avocado toast (because it's not brunch without some avo toast).

The Morning After Brunch

You know when you have to nurse yourself back to health because of the night before? Same. The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden in Astoria is my go-to morning after brunch because of its meat-packed menu and large selection of draft beers. It's the one place that always brings me back to life. And it just so happens to be walking distance from my apartment.

This post is sponsored by Coach Fragrance.

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