Follow Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' Contestants On Instagram & Get To Know These Women Better

Craig Sjodin/ABC

If you've ever watched an episode of The Bachelor, then you've probably gotten curious about each of the women competing for the Bachelor's heart. Fortunately if you want to get to know the ladies of the new season a little better, you can find Nick Viall's Bachelor contestants on Instagram. Looking through their profiles will give you the chance to get to know more about the women and what they're doing when they're not pursuing love on reality TV.

What you'll find there might not surprise you, as, after all, what you present on Instagram can be just as carefully curated as the narratives on The Bachelor. For example, look at how Nick uses his Instagram — he's gone from posting morose single guy posts about looking for "the one" to posting confident pictures where he's smiling and looking great. The story told by Nick's Insta is of a guy who's finally ready to be the one who gets the happy ending, no longer resigned to second place. Here's what you'll learn about the women who are competing for his heart, if you check out their Instas, too.

Alexis: @awatazzz

What you'll find: Goofy antics appropriate for a woman who dressed in a shark costume to meet Nick, lots of jokey captions and memes, and proud auntie pics of her two young nieces.

Angela: @angkay7

What you'll find: Modeling portfolio shots that show off that she's impressively tall, her big eyed Chihuahua, and Southern charm.

Astrid: @astridloch

What you'll find: Tireless support for the charity she works for, LA sunsets & In&Out Burger, and a squad that rivals Taylor Swift's.

Briana: @lilbricheez

What you'll find: Outdoorsy activities that will get your heart rate up, cheerleading, and the American flag.

Brittany: @brittany_paige913

What you'll find: A surplus of friends, travel to some of the country's most iconic locations, and trips to the beach.

Christen: @christen_mae

What you'll find: Her account is private, but she has thousands of followers so perhaps she'll approve you. If she does, you'll see her new home in Nashville and see her adjust to life on social media.

Corinne: @colympios

What you'll find: lots of semi-professional modeling photos, beach visits, and Snapchat videos.

Danielle L.: @daniellellombard

What you'll find: She knows how to have a good time, and that means partying, traveling, and touring as a Monster Energy Drink representative.

Danielle M.: @dmmalty

What you'll find: Street art, black & white photos, a hint of hipsterdom.

Liz: @aromancedlife

What you'll find: Hippie aesthetic with a good cause, wide-lens landscape shots, Earth mother vibe.

Elizabeth: @elizabethwhitelaw

What you'll find: Perfectly curated off-white home decor, infrequent updates, a bevy of her fellow Dallas, TX blonde BFFs.

Hailey: @hageymiester

What you'll find: Lots of dishing about the upcoming Bachelor season, plenty of new puppy closeups.

Ida: @idaaamariiee

What you'll find: Lots of time with her nephew, shots from Snapchat, athleisure.

Jaimi: @msjaimiking

What you'll find: Hairspiration, late nights, lots of food from her work in the restaurant industry.

Jasmine B.: @jasmine_channel

What you'll find: Spirituality, selfies, and ABS. Her recent trip to Japan will give you wanderlust.

Jasmine G.: @jasminegoode_

What you'll find: A nice balance between indulging the fantasy of NFL and NBA cheerleading and reaching out to inspire and empower young girls.

Josephine: @josephinetutman

What you'll find: Beachwear, modeling shoots, and behind-the-scenes looks at nursing school.

Kristina: @kristinaschulman

What you'll find: A pretty average Instagram account with a slightly Southern twist.

Lauren: @lauren.renee.hussey

What you'll find: Cozy mountain cabins, cute kittens, and a love of the finer things in life like brightly colored flowers and rich desserts.

Michelle: @meeechellle

What you'll find: She has no Instagram, Twitter only. The above photo is from her lemonade business.

Olivia: @olivia__burnette

What you'll find: Devoted friendship (she's been a bridesmaid several times, according to her account), serene porches from Nashville to Alaska, and great cocktails.

Raven: @ravennicolegates

Rick Rowell/ABC

What you'll find: She keeps her Instagram private, but has quite a few approved followers. She's a boutique owner from Arkansas.

Sarah: @sarahvendal

What you'll find: A love of kids, big smiles, and a move from NYC to southern California in the last couple of years.

Susannah: @susigmilan

What you'll find: She sums it up pretty well in her bio: "Everybody needs a little bit of crazy and adventure."

Taylor: @taymocha

What you'll find: A very chubby family cat, her impressive set of counseling degrees, and hiking selfies with the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the background.

Vanessa: @vanessagrimaldi

What you'll find: She only has a Twitter, and those Tweets are protected, plus an old Instagram account that may have been associated with her is now defunct. Looks like she is not interested in sharing too much of her life online.

Whitney: @whitneyfransway

What you'll find: She has the whole "perfect version of your life" thing down pat. Maybe that means she'll be a pro at playing to the TV cameras as well as her iPhone camera.

I can't wait to watch these ladies on The Bachelor so soon.