Who Will Nick Viall's Bachelor Contestants Be? They Need These 10 Personality Traits

Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor has already begun filming, and, as images and videos of the girls that will be competing for his heart have started appearing in the news, I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of woman would win Viall’s heart. So, when I ask myself who Nick Viall’s Bachelor contestants will be, there is a specific kind of woman that immediately comes to mind. Of course, I am not a psychic, nor am I a close friend of Viall’s, so my image of what kind of woman Viall would go for is based largely on the things that he has shared with viewing audiences in the past. It’s also based on the kind of women that he has been attracted to in past seasons of The Bachelorette — he fell hard for Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe — and Bachelor in Paradise.

It’s not always predictable the kind of people that someone will be attracted to, but, if you ask me, Viall definitely seems to have a type. And that type of woman will very likely have all of the following characteristics in order to win his heart. So, here’s hoping that the casting directors over at The Bachelor are up to snuff, and that, among the women that they picked out for Viall this season, there is at least one woman who fits all of these personality types.

1. Someone Strong

As far as viewing audiences are concerned, Viall has never been a guy to fall for a shrinking violet. Both women that he pursued on The Bachelorette were woman who weren’t afraid of speaking their minds and calling the shots when the guys got out of hand.

2. Someone Confident

Again, there’s nothing in the dating history that we’ve seen that shows Viall would be attracted to someone who wasn’t sure of herself. In the past, he has dated women like Bristowe and Dorfman, two contestants who clearly have known who they are and are comfortable being just that.

3. Someone With A Good Sense Of Humor

Do I need to remind you about Bristowe’s field plowing joke? I didn’t think so.

4. Someone Who Knows What She Wants

I can just see it now: A contestant starts to waiver on whether she wants kids or wants a career or wants to be married in the next five years, and Viall will shut that down just as quickly as he shut down Ashley I.’s love for Jared on Bachelor in Paradise . He’s not a guy who messes around, and I can’t imagine he’d be tolerant of a girl who does.

5. Someone Who Knows Her Self-Worth

After that moment where he got visibly fed up with Ashley I.’s obsession with Jared, I think it became very clear that Viall has little to no tolerance for girls who don’t realize they’re way too good for that.

6. Someone Who Can Call Him Out

Viall hasn’t always been perfect in the past. There have been times like when he shook up Bristowe’s season by joining the cast midway through and quickly pegging himself as the villain. He’s not always the best version of himself, and finding someone who can call him on that is definitely something that he needs in a partner.

7. Someone Passionate

Someone roll the tapes of Viall sucking face with every single Bachelorette he encountered. When he is into a woman, he definitely can’t keep his hands off of her.

8. Someone Who Is Smart

Dorfman was a lawyer. Bristowe is a whip smart television personality now making a living off of endorsement deals. Clearly, the women he has liked in the past have the smarts to go with all of those good looks.

9. Someone Ready For Love

This is his fourth time on a Bachelor show. He’s ready, and the woman he picks better be ready too.

10. Someone Who Can Accept His Past

It’s got to be hard for any woman to accept the fact that her fiancé has come close to proposing twice, and to two different women, but to have to watch him fall in love on national television, too? That’s asking a lot. So finding someone who doesn’t judge him for his past is definitely going to be the key to Viall’s success this season.

Here's hoping that, out of 25 women, that Viall can find a woman who embodies all of these things.

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