ULTA Will Start Carrying Instagram’s Favorite Coffee Scrub In Stores

Instagramming your favorite beauty product is basically part of the getting ready process now, right? From showing off your chrome GLAMGLOW GravityMud mask to making sure you Boomerang your latest bath bomb, people love to share their latest wares. Now, frank body is coming to ULTA, and it means that Instagram's favorite coffee scrub will be shoppable in stores.

If you've ever been on social media and seen your favorite celebrities or beauty bloggers covered in what may look a bit like dirt, there's a good chance it's frank body's Original Coffee Scrub, a natural, vegan exfoliant that's smells like your favorite coffee drink. The brand pioneered the "coffee covered selfie," and now, fans can easily snag the Australia based brand's goods in ULTA stores for their own social media.

While the Originial Coffee Scrub is frank body's most iconic product, a full range is coming to both ULTA stores and ULTA online. Select products from the brand will be available, and if you want to shop this cruelty free, natural brand, you can hop over to ULTA's website right now and snag your own products. Considering that the brand started on Instagram, though, you should definitely take time to post your own "coffee covered selfie" in honor of frank body's launch at ULTA.

If you haven't heard of the Original Coffee Scrub, there's one other frank body product you may have seen. Earlier this year, the brand launched their Shimmer Scrub, and it's basically a highlighter for your face.

The Shimmer Scrub was so popular that 50,000 people were on a waiting list before the product even launched. Considering that the product is still sold out over on the frank body website, fans should keep their fingers crossed that it ends up coming to Ulta.

If you want to show off your best shower seflie, grabbing frank body from Ulta is the way to do it. With prices starting at just $16.95 and easy access now thanks to ULTA's shelves, frank body is going to be your new staple bath product.