'Scandal' Finally Solved A Huge Mystery

by Nicole Pomarico
Nicole Wilder/ABC

Since this season of Scandal premiered in January, there's been one major question on everyone's minds: Who killed Frankie Vargas on election night? At first, there was a shooter who turned himself in, and then, Cyrus Beene was framed. But after last week's major plot twist that hinted Eli Pope could have been involved, all bets were officially off. If you've been dying of suspense like I have, there is some good news: on Thursday night's episode, Frankie's killer was finally revealed, and in a way I totally didn't expect.

So remember how Jake was taking orders from Eli (even if he didn't quite carry them out like he was supposed to)? That's because Eli was taking orders from someone else — a super shady team of people who may or may not be involved with B613. It worked best for their agenda if Mellie Grant was in office as president, so they needed to stop Frankie from winning at all costs. And when it came right down to it, murder was their only option... and Eli, in all his scary villainy, was the best guy for the job.

A few failed plans and a trip through the underground tunnels where Frankie's victory party was being held on election night ultimately led to his shooting... with Eli behind the gun.

Yep, there's our answer, everyone: Olivia's father is responsible for shooting Frankie from a hole underneath the stage, along with a sniper hiding in a parking deck a few blocks away. I mean, to his credit, he hesitated before shooting him and seemed horrified at what he'd done, but he was still the culprit. And then, he instructed Nelson — the guy who was originally arrested for the shooting — to be caught by police, making it look like he'd done it until Cyrus could be framed.

It's an absolute disaster, and things could get even worse. Because now the shady people who are controlling Eli could kill Olivia, too.

Even though this is an answer to a huge burning question this season, it's left me with even more questions, especially where Olivia's concerned, and if she'll ever learn the truth. Who are these people? Why did they want Mellie to be president? I need answers, Scandal!

Sigh. Maybe next week? But knowing Shonda Rhimes, the rollercoaster doesn't stop here.