These Swimsuits Look Exactly Like ‘Clueless’ Outfits & They'll Leave You Totally Buggin'

Trevor Floes/Frankies Bikinis

Winter is no longer coming. It's here, but it's on its way out — and that's got brands feeling the spring spirit. From floral prints to rompers, spring collections are launching, and Frankies Bikinis new Valley Girl collection may just have the '90s inspired pieces of your dreams.

Frankies Bikinis has launching a collection of swimsuits that are going to give you serious Cher Horowitz vibes. For Clueless fans, the entire collection is going to have you and your own Dion and Ty crushing it in killer bikinis. Plus, you'll be ultra on-trend given that the' 90s are still back and roaring with newfound ways to incorporate the decade in your fashions.

As for the suits, they appear to take inspiration from two of Cher Horowitz's most iconic ensembles: her yellow plaid mini skirt and blazer and her tennis outfit from her physical education class. While you may think that those classic '90s looks wouldn't translate well into swimwear, you' be wrong.

The pieces vary from string bikinis to high cut one-pieces, and the prints and colors used on the suits aren't the only elements that harken back to Cher Horowitz's high school days. The silhouettes of the suits also give off serious '90s design vibes.

Trevor Flores/Frankies Bikinis

As for when you can shop the collection, there's currently a countdown on the Frankies Bikini website. They suits are slated to drop Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. ET/ 4 p.m. PT. You've got a bit of wait until you can start shopping, but if you love Clueless, these suits will be well worth the wait.

Trevor Flores/Frankies Bikinis

The pattern is, of course, a clear reference to Clueless, but let's examine the design. The high cut front is a definite '90s feature that draws from swimsuits at the time (Pamela Anderson and Baywatch, anyone?). Then, of course, there's the spaghetti straps holding the suit up. From dresses to tank tops, spaghetti straps were rampant in the 90s, and all details of this one-piece point to the decade of slap bracelets and butterfly clips.

Trevor Flores/Frankies Bikinis

Then, of course, there's the string design. Other brands, such as Monica Hansen Beachwear and Wildfox, have had similar string styles that are actually named for their 90s inspiration.

Trevor Flores/Frankies Bikinis

Plus, there's this top that definitely looks that everyone's favorite '90s tube top with potentially removable spaghetti straps. Having flashbacks, yet?

Trevor Flores/Frankies Bikinis

As for the size range, the suits come in extra small to extra large. While the suits are '90s-tastic, they could do with a bit more size inclusivity.

If you're curious about the model, she's Faith Schroder, one of the stars of Lifetime's Growing Up Supermodel and the daughter of actor Ricky Schroder.

It is also worth mentioning, however, that Schroder is only 16 years old, and while she's clearly got the makings of a supermodel, it's totally acceptable to be a little skeeved out by a teenager modeling not just swimwear, but styles that are modeled after teenage characters and accessorized with knee high socks often associated with school girl uniforms.

Plus, with a birthday in 2001, Schroder wasn't even alive when Clueless was released in 1995.

Trevor Flores/Frankies Bikinis

If you're curious about the price of the bikinis, they haven't been released yet. However, other bikinis and one-piece suits on the Frankies Bikinis site retail for between $70 and $250. Splurging on a suit may be necessary if you're looking to shop the launch later today.

Trevor Flores/Frankies Bikinis

To shop the launch, set your alarms. These swimsuits are coming at you just in time for spring break.