Chips Ahoy Milkshakes Just Hit A TON Of Convenience Stores

by Brittany Bennett

What's better than a chocolate chip cookie? A chocolate chip cookie chopped into just about every imaginable sweet thing on the menu. Chocolate chip cookies as cereal? Spoon me. Chocolate chip cookie hot cocoa? Please. And now, F'Real Chips Ahoy Milkshakes are bringing cookies to drinkable ice cream. It's honestly a beautiful world that we live in.

F'real is a do-it-yourself blending machine with over 18,000 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Whether you want a blended coffee, smoothie or milkshake all you have to do is pick your pre-packed flavor and blend on the spot. The empowering thing about being your own blender is that you are in charge of how thick your milkshake can be. Which is a really personal preference. Choose between less thick, regular thick and MORE thick for customized satisfaction.

Now adding to the roster of milkshake flavors provided by F'real is the Chips Ahoy! Milkshake. Spotted by Instagrammer @JunkFoodAdventures at the convenience store Sheetz, the milk & cookies flavored shake is not just a drink of our wildest dreams. On the contrary. It's confirmed to be very real. If the weather in February is going to be unseasonably warm this is as good a time as ever to rush out to the nearest location churning out F'Real shakes.

This isn't the first time Chips Ahoy! has hopped out of the bag and collaborated with another sweet treat. Currently at Cold Stone Creamery you can join in on the line for a special Chips Ahoy! flavor available through the winter season. The Milk & Cookie Comfort will feature Milk & Cookie ice cream, gooey cookie dough and chunks of Chips Ahoy! cookies mixed in.

Also available for the winter season, if ice cream isn't your go to snow storm companion, is the Chips Ahoy! Hot Chocolate at 7-Eleven. What you'll get is a chocolate chip cookie sip in a cup. The cocoa creaminess and the sweet component of the cookie make for a superb winter treat. The collabs don't stop there as Chips Ahoy! becomes one of the hottest cookies on the market today. Enjoy the chocolate chip cookies for breakfast when you mix bits of them into YoCrunch Vanilla yogurt.

Sure, you can still simply dip Chips Ahoy! into a glass of milk but these aforementioned combinations are a level up on the entire milk and cookies experience.

In addition to the Chips Ahoy! F'Real milkshake flavor, you'll be faced with a generous offering of options. You might even be stumped with what flavor to go with. However, these are good problems to have. If you've already tried the Chips Ahoy! F'Real Milkshake you can also try any of the following flavors: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Cake Batter, Chocolate, Mint Chip, Vanilla, or Strawberry. Smoothie flavors include Mango, Strawberry Banana, and Piña Colada. The blended frappe is coffee flavored.

The average price for the 16-ounce blended milkshakes are around $3, depending on your location. Find your nearest machine on your University campus or your closest convenience store.