Where To Get Free Ice Cream On National Ice Cream Day

Summer is always better with ice cream, and ice cream tastes best when it's free. This is why you're going to love these free ice cream deals for National Ice Cream Day Sun., Jul. 16. The allure of ice cream on a hot day has been around since humans learned how to keep things cold: "Thousands of years ago, people in the Persian Empire would put snow in a bowl, pour grape-juice concentrate over it and eat it as a treat," National Day Calendar reported.

"They did this when the weather was hot and used the snow saved in the cool-keeping underground chambers known as 'yakhchal,' or taken from the snowfall that remained at the stop of mountains by the summer capital."

While ice cream made its debut in the United States in the mid 1700s, it was considered a treat for the elite until insulated ice houses (little freezers) were invented in 1800. The International Dairy Foods Association noted that President George Washington spent $200 on ice cream in 1790. Adjusted for inflation, that is almost $6,000. Can you imagine spending that much money on ice cream?

It's already been a long, hot summer, but these free ice cream deals for National Ice Cream Day will help make everything better. Because, ice cream. And, free!

Dippin' Dots

I've always been fascinated by Dippin' Dots. Tiny little balls of ice cream that melt in your mouth — how do they do it? If you're a fan, or if you've always wanted to try Dippin' Dots, National Ice Cream Day is the perfect time to get your dip on. Dippin' Dots is giving away free mini cups during a two-hour window on Sun., Jul. 16. Check your nearest Dippin' Dots location for exact times.


Head to this old childhood favorite for a free soft-serve ice cream on National Ince Cream Day, but don't forget to get the free ice cream coupon from the McDonald's app. What's even better is that McDonald's ice cream is now free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. And, lucky one customer will receive a special "Golden Arches Cone," an exclusive, limited edition cone that entitles the winner to McDonald's soft serve for life. Because, #icecreamgoals.

Select Joie de Vivre Hotels

If you just happen to be staying at the Wild Palms Hotel in Sunnyvale, Calif., this July, the ice cream is on them. During the entire month of July, the hotel will randomly handout complementary novelty ice creams, according to an email sent to Bustle about Joie de Vivre hotels and its celebration of National Ice Cream Month.

Additionally, Hotel Avante in Mountain View, Calif., is offering guests an Ice Cream Month Package that comes with a $20 gift certificate to Cold Stone Creamery. You can also get the free ice cream if you buy an early check in/late check out package. You know, so you can sleep off your ice cream hangover.


Fido loves free ice cream, too. Grab your pooch and head to a PetSmart PetHotel location for free Doggie Ice Cream Sundaes for National Ice Cream Day on Sun., Jul. 16. And, the good news is that — according to PetSmart — about 50 percent of all U.S. residents live within 30 minutes of a PetSmart PetHotel.

Fido's free sundae is made with dog-safe vanilla soft-serve ice cream, and crunchy biscuit toppings so your pup can cool down on a hot summer day with a sweet treat. Because, why should the humans have all of the fun?


The United States' first retail ice cream franchise, Carvel Ice Cream, is offering buy-one-get-one-free cups and cones this Sunday, July 16, in honor of National Ice Cream Day. They will also donate portion of National Ice Cream Day sales to Save the Whales in honor of Fudgie the Whale's (Carvel's icon) recent 40th birthday.


While it's not free, 50 cents is practically free, and this offers is good until the end of August. So, if you can't make it to one of the places offering free ice cream for National Ice Cream Day, Wendy's 50-cent Frosty will be there waiting for you.