This Meghan Markle-Approved Lip Treatment Will Soothe Your Chapped Summer Lips

Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

Meghan Markle has been dubbed the most photographed woman in the world, so you know she takes good care of her skin to be photo-ready. That's why when the Duchess said that Fresh's Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment was "the very best," people listened.

There is nothing worse than uncapping your lipstick and swiping on a bright color, only to have it settle into the cracks of your chapped lips. Sometimes it's just not easy to solve the chapping issue. You chug down water, you put on chap-stick, and those dry, flaky lips persist.

Markle has found one product that solves the issue in a snap, and she shared her recommendation during her pre-royal days. Back when Markle was an actress on Suits and making her rounds as a fashion correspondent, the actress sat down with Beauty Banter to talk beauty finds. Markle shared her favorite products, one of which was the Fresh Sugar lip treatment.

“I have searched high and low and tried every kind of lip balm, but this is the very best,” Markle shared. “Soft, kissable, buttery lips. I swear by it.”

The lip treatment comes from Fresh, which is all about natural beauty. The Sugar Lip Treatment is a cult-favorite product that both hydrates and smooths the lips with its balm formula. It hydrates for 24 hours and softens the look of wrinkles, giving you visibly fuller lips. The sugar formula contains sea fennel, which is the active ingredient that helps smooth fine lines.

"Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy is an ultra-nourishing lip treatment that boosts moisture, enhances volume, and improves the definition of the lip area. It can be worn during the day as an age-delay base, followed by Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 or a tinted lip treatment for sun protection with a hint of color," Fresh tells Bustle. "Our tinted SPF lip treatment’s versatile formula allows for buildable coverage — one swipe for a subtle stain, or a couple of coats for knockout color."

The Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 that Fresh mentioned is infused with a tinted color. The Sugar Lip Treatment comes in 12 satin finish colors, and two shimmery finish colors. If you swipe on once, you will have a sheer color on your lips. Or you can build that hue if you want more noticeable color. You can also choose the clear version if you just want a regular balm.

As for the Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy that Markle recommends, Sephora shoppers seem to agree with the Duchess that it is a miracle product. The balm has over 2,000 reviews, earning 4.4 stars. Over 1,600 of those reviews have given the product five stars.

"You made me love you and I didn't want to do it," one reviewer wrote. "So, let's talk about the elephant in the room right off the bat. $25 for lip balm. Really?!? It better be good, as in the best lip balm in the history of the world good. With high prices come high expectations. This delivers on every front." The reviewer went on to write that the balm went on silky rather than waxy, the SPF didn't dry out their lips like other balms did, and it worked well underneath lipstick.

On the days that you're experiencing chapped, crusty lips, use what a Duchess would and reach for your Sugar Lip Treatment.