You Can Now Buy Friendly's Iconic Cakes As Single Servings In Grocery Stores


Ice cream season is upon us. As the weather warms, our cravings for something cool take over. And ice cream is always the appropriate answer for that craving. While we typically go for a cone or a cup, there's another form of ice cream we can enjoy this year. Friendly's Cake Singles are available nationwide, and yeah, now you can have ice cream cake without ordering an entire cake. This is not a test. Ice cream cakes are not just for birthdays anymore.

With their layers of ice cream separated by a cookie crunch and finished with sprinkles, ice cream cakes are a hot commodity for birthday parties. And, at least in my experience, that's the only time I'd ever come across one. As if it would be plain wrong to order an ice cream cake just because you wanted to enjoy a slice. Alas, this internal, quiet dilemma amongst the ice cream cake aficionados has been resolved by this latest release from Friendly's, making it easier to live your dessert dreams than ever.

Mark Schneider, Marketing Director, Ice Cream, Dean Foods says in a press release, "Over the years, we've received requests to sell ice cream cakes by the slice and with this innovation, we're delivering on that desire without compromising the taste or quality our customers expect from Friendly's." This has resulted in 8.5-oz single serving cakes that use the same ingredients as Friendly's ice cream cakes.


The Friendly's Cake Singles come in four flavors including Chocolate Krunch Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Krunch Cake, and of course Birthday Cake. You might be thinking, A single 8.5-oz cup can't possibly capture the layers that make an ice cream cake great. No offense, but you would be wrong. Each cake has those famous layers to it.

Strawberry Krunch Cake features layers of vanilla and strawberry ice creams with a layer of strawberry éclair crunchies to separate the two flavors. It's topped with strawberry sauce, a whipped topping and even more crunchies. The Birthday Cake flavor has layers of vanilla and chocolate ice creams separated by chocolate crunchies, topped with blue icing, whipped topping and colorful confetti.

The Chocolate Krunch Cake, much like the Strawberry Krunch, features layers of vanilla and chocolate ice creams separated by a layer of chocolate éclair crunchies. It is then topped with Friendly's fudge sauce, a whipped topping and more crunchies. Because who needs a cherry when you have crunchies to top it off?! Strawberry Cheesecake Cake has layers of cheesecake flavored ice cream and strawberry ice cream. Those flavors are interrupted with a layer of graham crunchies and finished off with graham crunchies, graham crackers and a whipped topping. This feels like an appropriate time to drop the mic.

There is no going wrong when it comes to choosing one of Friendly's four Cake Singles. You can't go wrong with a flavor and you can't go wrong with a time of day or year to enjoy one.

When it comes to these Cake Singles there are no rules. Ice cream cakes aren't just for your birthday anymore. Head to a retailer near you to dig into one or all four of these (that's my plan) now!