From Instant Pots To Foot Peels, These Are The Products Going Viral On Amazon

Once upon a time, Justin Bieber was just a kid singing songs into a home video camera somewhere in Ontario, Canada. But then one day, his mom uploaded one of those videos to YouTube and suddenly that Canadian 12-year old became a viral sensation signing multi-million dollar record deals. So yeah, it pays to go viral. And guess what — it also pays to check out all these products going viral on Amazon.

Okay, so how do we know these products are going viral? It's actually pretty simple. There's a tracking feature on Amazon called Movers & Shakers, and it basically identifies which products are gaining popularity the fastest across all categories — clothing, skincare, tech products, kitchen gadgets, books, home goods, and more. Some of these products are tried-and-true classics that keep gaining popularity, and others are up-and-coming products that are catching on like wildfire. And soon, you'll start to see them everywhere.

But to make sure you're getting the best of these buzz-worthy items, I've gone ahead and cherry-picked the ones that are truly worth your hard-earned cash. So follow in Bieber's footsteps and make the most of these viral products — before they sell out, of course.


The Instant Pot Which Is Essentially Seven Kitchen Gadgets In One

The Instant Pot makes cooking so much easier. This best-selling smart cooker is essentially seven kitchen appliances in one, functioning as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt marker, and warmer. And it's a cinch to operate — it monitors the pressure and temperature for you, and will adjust heat intensity and duration in order to produce the best results every time.


These Foot Peel Masks That Actually Transform Your Feet

These foot peel masks go way beyond your basic exfoliating session — they shed the dead skin right off your dry, cracked heels. Just seal the masks onto your feet and let your skin absorb the natural, botanical essences for about an hour, then remove the masks. Now hold up — you won't see results right away. But within four to 14 days, your feet will begin to peel, revealing a new layer of soft, smooth skin. Put these on and you'll be ready for sandal season by the time summer vacation rolls around.


These Acne Patches That Help Heal Blemishes Fast

Keep these acne patches on hand, and you'll never have to panic when a breakout rears its head. The hydrocolloid patch absorbs fluid and impurities quickly, helping to shrink zits overnight. The patches also protect blemishes from pollutants and irritants in the air that might cause further infection and inflammation (and keep you from picking at them).


This Card Drinking Game That'll Reveal Some New Truths About Your Friends

Invite a few friends over, crack open some beers, and break out this clever and easy to play drinking game. It comes with 180 cards, like "Drink if you ever studied abroad in Europe and it 'totally changed your life'" or "Drink if your parents bought you a car in high school." Draw a card from the deck and see who takes a sip with each card. I'm willing to bet that some pretty juicy stories will accompany those sips once you're a few cards in.


A Combination Hair Dryer And Volumizing Brush For Easy Styling

Streamline your styling routine with this combination hair dryer and volumizer brush. The heated, oval-shaped brush features rounded edges to create maximum volume — and because it's gentler than traditional hair dryers, you can place it closer to your scalp for some extra lift at the roots. Three heat and speed settings let you tailor your styling to your hair's needs, while the ionic technology boosts shine and the ceramic coating minimizes heat damage.


This Crossbody Messenger Bag With A See-Through Twist

Let it all hang out in the chicest way possible with this see-through crossbody messenger bag. It features gold details and is outfitted with an adjustable shoulder strap, top handle, and turn-lock closure. Choose from a black, gray, or red frame. Bonus: because it's see-through, the bag is approved for stadium events.


A Growth Serum For Va-Va-Voom Lashes And Brows

You're about to save big money on eyelash extensions and eyebrow pencils — thanks to this highly-rated eyelash and brow serum. Formulated with botanically-derived compounds, the serum nourishes hair follicles and stimulates growth. Just brush a little of this on before bed each night, and within 60 days, you'll begin to see significantly fuller brows and longer, more luscious lashes. And the serum is completely hypoallergenic, so you don't have to worry about irritation. This reviewer writes, "I've been using it for 2 months now and OMG...its legit. I look like I wear fake eyelashes and I LOVE it!"


These Eco-Friendly Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Trying to cut down on your plastic use? Opt out of using those one-use bags at the store and try out these reusable produce bags (made of breathable and durable nylon mesh) instead. They also feature drawstring closures to keep your apples, oranges, and carrots securely inside — and they're super lightweight and fold up small, so they're easy to take along.


This Japanese Sunscreen That's Has An Incredibly Light Texture

This sunscreen hailing from Japan is a true cult-favorite. Unlike goopy, greasy formulas, this absorbs easily into the skin (hence the term "watery essence"), so it feels like you're not wearing sunscreen at all. The gentle formula is suitable for sensitive skin, and the addition of hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extract keeps skin happy and hydrated. One reviewer writes: "I LOVE this sunscreen. I use it every single day under my makeup and it works flawlessly," and another writes, "This is perfect. Dries down almost immediately and goes on crystal clear."


This Jade Roller And Gua Sha Set For Brighter, Happier Skin

Glow up your complexion with the help of this jade roller and gua sha set. All three tools work to eliminate puffiness, boost circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and stimulate collagen production. The result? Brighter, smoother skin. The gua sha tools are shaped to fit around the contours of your face, and the roller is double-sided— use the larger end on your forehead, cheeks, and jawline, and the smaller one around your mouth, eyes, and nose.


A Completely Natural Insect Repellent Spray

Trying to avoid those dreaded mosquito bites — but totally freaked out by the idea of spraying chemicals all over your skin? Try out this plant-based insect repellent instead. The DEET-free spray is made with oil of lemon eucalyptus, which effectively fends off mosquitos for up to six hours: long enough to last you through that backyard summer barbecue.


This Vacuum-Insulated Tumbler From YETI That Keeps Drinks Super Cold

You might be familiar with YETI's famous coolers (essential for camping trips and picnics), but their travel tumbler are equally worthy of your attention. The tumbler is made with double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel, so it keeps your beverages at a stable temperature for hours on end. A sliding magnet lock makes for easy sipping, but prevents spills. The super tough, shatter-resistant mug is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Choose from colors like seafoam green, sand, black, and silver.


These Silicone Oven Mitts That Do A Better Job Of Protecting Hands And Arms

These silicone oven mitts are a big improvement on your standard oven mitts. They reach about halfway up your forearm — offering some extra protection — and the non-slip grips give you more control when you remove that brownie pan from the oven. And unlike regular cloth mitts, you can wash these with a little soap and water, so it's no big deal if you get some melted cheese on them. The mitts are BPA-free and heat-resistant up to 450 degrees.


An Air Fryer That Crisps Up Food Fast And With Ease

With this air fryer, you can make fried foods without having to use a giant vat of oil. (Yep, French fries and fried chicken just got a lot easier to make.) And it's not just for frying — it has four programmable cooking functions, so you can also roast, reheat, and dehydrate with it (veggie chips, anyone?) The 4-quart capacity fryer features dishwasher-safe parts, so clean-up is a breeze.


These Understated Mules That Go With Absolutely Everything

These mules by Rohb will shift effortlessly between the office, happy hour, and your weekend comfy-in-jeans look. The menswear-inspired shoes feature an almond toe and ever-so-slight lift at the heel. They have a suede-like appearance and come in classic black and nude, but you can also opt for merlot red with silver stud detailing.


A Sous Vide Cooker That Makes A Juicier Filet Mignon

Sous vide is a cooking method in which you seal in food, then cook it to buttery perfection temperature in a water bath. The precise temperature control and circulation offered by this method ensure consistent results, and — more importantly — seals in juices and flavors that often get lost in other forms of cooking. This sous vide cooker clamps onto any pot or bowl and uses smart sensors to monitor water level and temperature. It's even WiFi-enabled, so you can control it from the other room. Use this for succulent steaks, lamb, and salmon.


This Wall-Mounted Cat Groomer With A Catnip Compartment

Your cat will love rubbing against this wall-mounted cat grooming toy, and you'll get some benefits out of it too — the flexible bristles will remove excess cat hair, so it doesn't end up all over your sofa or black sweater. The groomer can be mounted on flat wall surfaces, or you can wrap it around corners. There's even a compartment for catnip, so your cat will be extra tempted to groom itself.


A Powerful Frother For Cappuccinos At Home

This powerful frother features a stainless steel whisk that rotates over 200 times in just one second, making for extra creamy lattes and foamy cappuccinos. The battery-operated frother can be used with regular, soy, almond, cashew, or oat milk. It's also the perfect tool for blending butter into your bulletproof coffee, and you can even use it to whip eggs for extra-fluffy omelets.


These Uplifting Lemongrass And Eucalyptus Candles

Light these invigorating candles first thing in the morning to kickstart your day. The soy wax candles are naturally scented with lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils, which are known to boost energy, awaken your senses, and promote a sense of well-being. The frosted glass jars give off a subtle glow when the candles are lit, so you'll feel cozy even on those dark and early mornings.


These Reusable Cotton Rounds That Are Equivalent to 2,000 Cotton Pads

This pack of 16 reusable cotton rounds is equivalent to about 2,000 disposable cotton pads, so they'll save you big money in the long run. (They're also friendlier for the environment.) The soft and fluffy rounds work just like disposable cotton pads — use them to apply toner or remove makeup at the end of the day. When you've gone through all 16, you can throw them in the included mesh bag and machine-wash and dry them.


These Collagen Peptide Capsules That Nourish Hair, Skin, And Joints

Made from 100 percent pure collagen, this collagen peptide supplement strengthen nails and hair, while encouraging firm, smooth skin. And unlike powdered forms of collagen, these convenient capsules are easy to take with you on-the-go. And you just might feel better too, since collagen can help strengthen joints and tendons. The capsules are gluten-, sugar-, and dairy-free.


An Aromatherapy Inhaler For An Instant Burst Of Tranquility

I'm not one to recommend you take up vaping — unless it's in the form of this aromatherapy vape pen. Inhaling with this pen will instantly relax you, since you'll be absorbing the nano-mist essential oil vapors of chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower and valerian root extract — all of which have calming properties. (Oh, and this probably goes without saying, but there's no nicotine or tobacco involved.) Use this in the middle of a stressful work day for a quick boost of serenity.


A Hair Treatment That Actually Repairs The Bonds Within Your Hair

This hair repair treatment is a dream come true for anyone dealing with dry, colored, chemically-treated, or heat-damaged hair. Instead of just moisturizing and conditioning hair, it actually repairs the broken bonds within your hair, strengthening it from the inside-out. The at-home treatment was formulated by a team of chemists and it's a favorite of stylists — and soon to be a favorite of yours too.


This Rose Petal Toner That Brings Down Redness And Irritation

Thayer's rose petal toner is an age-old beauty secret, but its wondrous skincare benefits have caught on like wildfire in the recent years. The toner is made from a blend of rose water, witch hazel, and aloe vera. These three all-star ingredients work to tighten pores, curb oil production, reduce redness, soothe irritation, and hydrate skin. Swipe a little of this on in the morning for a dewy, glowing complexion.


A Bedside Lamp That Also Charges Your Phone And Tablet

This lamp with charging ports seriously reduces clutter on your bedside table. The compact, cylinder lamp gives off a warm, cozy glow and features three touch-activated brightness settings. The four charging ports on the bottom let you power up smartphones and tablets without having to use up an additional wall outlet.


This Moldable Glue That Transforms Into Silicone Rubber Overnight

Regular glue can be a drippy mess, and superglue sometimes bonds too fast — but this moldable glue is just right. Use your hands to mold the glue into any shape or form, then let it set overnight. By morning, it will have transformed into durable silicone rubber. The glue is perfect for small repairs and craft projects, and is safe to use on all kinds of materials like glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and plastic. The glue is available in neutrals like black and white that will blend right in, but if you want a pop of color — go for the rainbow pack.


This Combination Turntable And Bluetooth Stereo

Record players just entered the 21st century with this combination turntable and Bluetooth stereo. The three-speed turntable is compatible with your entire vinyl collection, but you can also play music via Bluetooth if that collection is still on the small side. The turntable folds down into a small suitcase replete with a handle, so you'll be all ready to go when your friend asks you to deejay her next party. The vintage-inspired turntable comes in colors like aqua, cognac, black, and white.


This Kitchen Gizmo That Makes 12 Perfectly Cooked Eggs At A Time

Invite your friends over for brunch, and put this ridiculously convenient egg cooker to work. This versatile kitchen gadget hard boils, soft boils, poaches, and makes omelets, and all you have to do is add water and set the timer. The double-tiered cooker makes up to 12 eggs at a time, and you never have to worry about overcooking them because the automatic shut-off kicks in as soon as the eggs are done. Choose from white, black, aqua, or red.


This Phone Car Mount With A Telescopic Arm For Easy Viewing

It's super easy to attach this car phone mount to your dashboard or windshield. Just use the suction cup or sticky gel pad to place the mount where you want it, then press down on the lever to lock it into place. The mount is compatible with most smartphones, rotates 360-degrees, and features a telescopic arm that extends 2 inches, so you can get a close-up view of your GPS (when you're parked, of course).


A Digital Notebook You Can Write And Draw In

This smart notebook is tech-savvy and eco-conscious. Just write on any one of the 36 pages, then scan the QR code in the bottom corner to instantly send a digital version of the page to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Slack, iCloud, or email. And each page is reusable — just wipe it clean and use the included Frixion pen to begin jotting down a whole new set of notes — so no paper wasted.


This Facial Hair Remover That Doesn't Even Hurt

Getting rid of any unwanted peach fuzz or stray hairs on your face can be a tricky endeavor, but this hair remover makes it easy and painless. Just use the battery-operated remover to make small circular motions on your face, and it'll effortlessly remove hair without leaving any redness or irritation behind. When you're done, use the built-in light to check your work and make sure you didn't miss any spots.


A Temperature-Controlled Mug That Syncs To An App On Your Phone

Pour your coffee into this temperature control mug to keep it piping hot until the very last drop. Want to customize the exact temperature of your coffee to your personal preferences? Sync the mug to an app on your phone, then remotely toggle the temperature until you get it right where you want it. (130 degrees? 135 degrees? Up to you!) You can even program pre-set temperatures that will adjust based on the beverage you're drinking — in case you like your coffee hotter than your tea.


This Charging Stand That Powers Up Your Phone Without Wires

Use this wireless charging stand to power up your smartphone without having to deal with a mess of cables on your desk or bedside table. The stand can charge phones in both vertical and landscape modes, and is tilted at a 65-degree angle so you can still read emails and watch videos. The stand is covered in fabric and comes in three colors: ruby, ash, and ivory.


A Clever Wrap-Around Travel Pillow With A Built-In Support

Settle in for a mid-flight nap with this ingenious travel pillow. The fleece pillow wraps around your neck like a scarf, and features an internal support frame that props up your neck and chin, so you can sleep like a baby without your head bobbing forward or to the side. And the pillow is a lot less bulky than standard U-shaped pillows, so you'll have room in your carry-on for an extra book.


These Classic V-Neck T-Shirts That You'll Wear Constantly

These soft and classic V-neck T-shirts are about to be on regular rotation in your closet, and with dozens of color duos, you're sure to find just the combination you need. Pair this sailor striped version with a blazer for work, or slip it on with jeans for an easy, breezy weekend look. The T-shirt are machine-washable, so they won't add any fuss to laundry day.


A Laptop Backpack That Keeps Your Computer Secure

Keep your computer safe and sound as you trudge around the city with this laptop backpack. The laptop compartment is hidden in the interior of the backpack, safely away from any prying fingers you might encounter on crowded trains or buses. A built-in power bank lets you charge your phone or tablet (yes, really), and the 17 slots and pockets give you plenty of space for stashing keys, lip balm, and notebooks. The backpack is made with water-resistant Oxford cloth, so you don't have to stress if you get caught in a downpour.


This Natural Retinol Cream That's Gentle Enough For Sensitive Skin

Retinol is one of the most powerful ingredients you can use when it comes to improving skin tone and texture, but if you have sensitive skin, it can lead to redness, irritation, and peeling. If that's you, try this retinol cream by LilyAna Naturals. It combines the skin-renewing attributes of retinol with hydrating and skin-soothing ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, green tea, shea butter, and jojoba oil. The formula is even gentle enough to use on the delicate skin around your eyes. This reviewer writes, "Have been using for 3 weeks and have been asked multiple times if I've had a chemical peel because my skin looks so good."


This Magnesium Oil Spray That'll Cure Whatever Ails You

Magnesium is one magnificent mineral. When applied topically, it works to ease feelings of stress, reduce muscle and joint pain, relieve headaches, and promote restful sleep. This magnesium oil spray is made with pure magnesium chloride source from the Zechstein Seabed in the Netherlands. Just spritz this a few times on your body and the non-greasy formula will absorb quickly into the skin where it'll begin to do its healing work.


This Biotin Shampoo That Helps Boost Hair Growth

If you're concerned about hair thinning or excessive shedding, go ahead and add this biotin shampoo to your haircare arsenal. It's formulated with natural botanicals that cleanse the scalp of DHT, an androgen that plays a large role in hair loss. The shampoo is rounded out with hair-nourishing ingredients like biotin and B-complex vitamins to strengthen hair and promote new growth, and it'll give your tresses a good boost of volume, so you have hair that looks and feels full.


An Eye Pillow Filled With Lavender And Flax Seeds To Help You De-Stress Fast

Place this lavender eye pillow directly over your eyes and prepare to let the cares of the world melt away. The silky smooth pillow feels great against your skin, and the flax seeds inside provide a gentle weight that's instantly soothing. And be sure to breathe in deeply — the lavender inside the pillow will fill your sinuses with chill, tranquil vibes. The pillow can be frozen or heated up in the microwave for extra-therapeutic relief.


These Plush Microfiber Sheets That Feel Like A Dream

These brushed microfiber sheets are so soft, you might just find yourself wanting to go to bed a full hour earlier every night. Brushed microfiber is more plush than standard microfiber, but it still retains maximum breathability, so you won't get too warm on those hot summer nights. Subtle striping gives these sheets an elegant touch, and each set comes with a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Choose from colors like spa blue and bright white.


A Fitness Tracker That Helps You Monitor Your Activity Levels

Strap this fitness tracker on your wrist and get ready to actually follow through on your New Year's resolution (even if it's July). The tracker monitors steps, distance, and your heart rate. Wear it to sleep and it'll even monitor your sleep quality and wake you up with an alarm in the morning. The brightness adjustable screen alerts you of incoming calls or messages, so you won't miss a thing while you're on that 12-mile run.


An Ultra-Hydrating Eye Cream Formulated With Snail Slime (It's True)

This snail eye cream will forever cure you of your fear of creepy, crawly things. Made with 80 percent snail secretion filtrate (read: snail slime), the cream does wonders to moisturize the skin around your eyes, while brightening dark circles and improving skin texture. One reviewer writes that the cream is "very hydrating and makes my eye area feel plumped up," and others call it a "holy grail product" that "absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky film."


This Weighted Blanket That'll Help You Sleep More Soundly

Want to feel safe and secure all night long? Snuggle up with this weighted blanket that makes it feel like your entire body is being hugged as you drift off to sleep. The seven-layer blanket is filled with hypoallergenic glass beads that are sewn into individual pockets to help ensure even weight distribution. The blanket is made with cotton that'll give your skin plenty of breathing space, so you don't have to worry about getting too hot. Check out the chart to determine the appropriate blanket for your body weight.

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