This 'Frozen 2' News Will Warm Fans' Hearts

Summer is right around the corner, but Disney has got us wishing for snow. It seems we'll all be building another snowman with Elsa and her little sister Anna soon enough. Disney announced that Frozen 2 is coming to theaters on Nov. 27, 2019 and from the looks of the GIF they tweeted, Olaf, like most of us, couldn't be happier. Josh Gad, who plays the lovable snowman also tweeted for fans to "mark their calendars," while Kristen Bell, aka Anna, tweeted "Quick weather forecast from your favorite disney princess' sister: Theaters are gonna get Frozen on November 27, 2019!"

Of course, no one could blame them for being excited to share the news of an actual release date being that we've spent the last four years waiting for news pertaining to the Frozen sequel. What we know is that Elsa, Anna, and Olaf are all present and accounted for, but not much else. No surprise, the plot for this animated film, which is bound to break box office records, is top secret. The movie's producer Peter Del Vecho did tell Entertainment Weekly last month, though, that the Frozen sequel will change how you think about the first movie. “Now that we’ve been involved in it for awhile, what’s exciting is it feels like it builds on the first movie,” he said. “You understand things better in the first movie after you’ve seen the sequel.”

The producer said that the sequel, which was announced in 2015, was still in the "development writing process," and that the movie could still change and evolve. Or, cross your fingers, include a girlfriend for Elsa. After all, we know Idina Menzel is down with that. This long development process may feel like a lot, but it's actually a good thing for Frozen fans, according to Bell, who told Collider, "It took them a while because they wanted to figure out what story they needed to tell and what would be important and engaging and I think they found it."

While all of us will have to wait a bit before we see the magic that they've found, there is a lot of ways to get your Frozen fix before 2019. First, you can head to Disney California Adventure to check out Frozen: Live at the Hyperion, which is an empowering story of sisterhood complete with music that you won't be able to let go of. Or, if you prefer the east coast, go to Walt Disney World's Epcot and check out Frozen Ever After, a boat ride that will let you reminisce about all your favorite parts of the original movie.

Later this year, Olaf will get his very own Christmas special Olaf's Frozen Adventure, where he'll celebrate the holidays with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Sven. In spring 2018, Frozen will hit Broadway and will start your obsession with "Let It Go" all over again. So really, there's enough Frozen to go around, which gives you enough time to try and guess what Frozen 2 will be all about. Let the speculating begin.