Hilarous 2017 Super Bowl Ads You Can't Miss

The 2017 Super Bowl will feature the New England Patriots playing the Atlanta Falcons in an epic football match up on Feb. 5 in Houston, Texas. Aside from all the action on the field, plenty of funny 2017 Super Bowl commercials will be premiering between all the touchdowns. The ad spots that air during the game are known for being just as big of a deal as the Super Bowl itself, with commercials ranging from heartfelt to hilarious for many of the world's most recognizable brands. And they're often so funny that you'll keep delaying your snack break during the game to laugh along.

According to the New York Times, the average cost for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl has now reached $5 million and the price has doubled in the past decade. The NY Times also reported that the Super Bowl reaches more than 100 million viewers. That's a lot people who will be watching the big game and hanging around during the commercials, waiting for the next big ad sensation to premiere. Many funny ads have gone on to be legendary — and it's totally possible that yet another one could be among this year's crop.

Laugh along with the funny 2017 Super Bowl commercials below.


"Brady Everyday" By Intel

Promoting Intel's 360° Technology, this spot shows New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady living a regular life made more exciting with multiple camera angles and intense theme music. The funniest part is the end, though.


"Halftime #BathroomBreak" By Febreze

This commercial is essentially hilarious ode to having to do your No. 2 business during halftime and covering your, um, odor tracks.


"Between Friends" By Bud Light

Budweiser's commercial for 2017 is a bromantic comedy about a friendship between two unnamed men who bond over playing video games, eating spicy wings, moving a couch, and drinking Bud (of course).


"2017 Ford Go Further" By Ford

Ford does slapstick in this ad, which shows people getting frustratingly stuck on a ski lift, a tricycle, a doggy door, and more to show how the car company is hoping to make the world "unstuck."


"Kangaroo & Ellie Gonsalves" By Yellow Trail

This commercial features a CGI kangaroo who can barbecue and DJ at parties. It's so random.


"Humpty Fall" By Turbo Tax

Even Humpty Dumpty has to do his taxes, but this ad offers a hilarious warning for those who are breakable and prone to falling: don't do your taxes on a wall.


"Hero's Journey" By Kia (Featuring Melissa McCarthy)

There's no one quite as funny as Melissa McCarthy right now and this commercial for the Kia Niro is just as hilarious as you'd expect.


"Romance" By Skittles

This ad shows that you can win over anyone with a yummy snack — and good aim.


"Who Is JohnMalkovich.com?" By Squarespace

This spot is about that awkward moment when the famous actor finds out that JohnMalkovich.com is taken. Hilarity ensues.


"Big Game First Spot" By Wix.com

Jason Statham and Gal Gadot destructively kick some butt at an unsuspecting restaurant, which is owned by a gentleman who embraces Wix's easy website editing at the right moment.


"Cleaner Of Your Dreams" By Mr. Clean

This commercial promotes Mr. Clean to sex symbol status, showing that cleaning can seductive.


"#AvoSecret" By Avocados From Mexico

This Avocado Secret Society is facing a leak of Avo Secrets — but who is it?