Gabi Fresh's New Swimsuits For All Line Is Serving Retro, Neon Barbie Realness

Courtesy of Swimsuits For All

Creator of the fatkini, co-founder of Premme, and body positive influencer GabiFresh is about to make your swimwear wardrobe lit (again). The plus size influencer and designer, who's real name is Gabi Gregg, is back with another swim collection, and the new GabiFresh x Swimsuits For All summer 2019 launches are going to have you looking like your most retro, Barbie-inspired self.

On April 2, Gregg took to her Instagram account to announce the drop of her latest collection with Swimsuits For All. The body positive influencer has worked with the brand for several years now, launching multiple collections with the company. If you've been following Gregg's design work, you'll know that each collection she does with Swimsuits For All typically has a theme. Her last set of suits centered around elements like wind and fire in a super sexy set of swimwear. Now, she's majorly switched things up for her summer launch, but the looks are still as good as ever.

The new collection is all about retro vibes, bright colors, and flipping the idea of the perfect doll and her alleged perfect body on its head. In the new campaign for the launch, Swimsuits For All and Gregg show that all bodies are swimsuit bodies, not just those that happen to look like the traditional beauty standard of an iconic doll.

Courtesy of Swimsuits For All

The new GabiFresh x Swimsuits For All line includes 10 brand new looks from Gregg, and the size offerings are as incredibly as usual. The pieces comes in sizes 10-26 with cups sizes ranging from D/DD to G/H.

As for the designs, they're basically something for everyone. From belted one-piece suits to Gregg's signature high-waisted fatkini to cut-out monokinis. Plus, even if you're not into the bold, retro color palette of the hydrangea covered one-piece, don't worry. Gregg also has some classic designs in black and white. Whatever your style may be, there's something in the new Swimsuits For All collection for you.

Courtesy of Swimsuits For All

If your swimwear wardrobe needs an update just in time for Spring Break, there's even more good news about Gregg's new swimwear. It's available now on the Swimsuits for All website. As for the prices, they are all under $120.

If you saw Gregg's last collection, you'd know that the new pieces are totally different in style, and that's what makes her work with Swimsuits for All so great. While the new pieces in the summer 2019 collaboration retain some of Gregg's most signature elements, like her sheer tee-shirt top and strappy details, the vibes of this retro collection are perfect for those who are more into vibrant hues than the neutrals and deep tones of her last set of suits.

Retro meets sexy, right?

If you want to shop the new GabiFresh x Swimsuits For All summer 2019 line, head over to the brand's website now. With retro vibes, bright colors, and classic designers from Gregg, these new looks are can't miss for both fans of the plus size influencer and swimsuit enthusiasts.