'GOT' Actor Neil Fingleton Has Died At 36

Sad news, Game of Thrones fans. On Sunday, the actor behind the character of Mag the Mighty, Neil Fingleton, died at age 36 of heart failure. Fingleton played a giant king on the HBO show, and in one of the most intense episodes of Game of Thrones, Mag the Mighty dies locked in a heated battle with six members of the Night's Watch while assisting the Wildlings in their attempt to take down Castle Black. Fingleton only appeared in that one hour of the popular series, "The Watchers on the Wall," but his moments in the battle-heavy episode are some of the show's most memorable.

In a statement to Bustle, Fingleton's acting agency, Oh So Small, said, "He was a great actor, always professional and a down to earth kind of guy and it was a pleasure to have worked with him. We know he will be sorely missed by all who knew him."

In addition to Thrones, Fingleton also appeared in several films, including X-Men: First Class, Jupiter Ascending, and 47 Ronin, as well as on TV, notably as the villainous alien warlord, The Fisher King, on Doctor Who. But Fingleton wasn't just an actor with a mighty roar and a good attitude. The star, who was 7 feet, 7 inches tall, was also the tallest man in the U.K. In a statement posted on Facebook on Sunday, The Tall Persons Club, an organization "dedicated to providing information for and promoting the interests of tall people," wrote, "Sadly it has come to our attention that Neil Fingleton Britain's Tallest man passed away on Saturday. Neil became Britain's Tallest man in 2007 passing the height of Chris Greener."

Fingleton also spent time in athletics, playing college basketball in the United States and, later, playing professionally from 2004 to 2007.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Fingelton was clearly a multi-talented individual, who found success both in front of the camera and on the court. My condolences go out to Fingleton's friends and family — fans may not have known him long, but he made quite the impact in his too-short life.