KFC Resurrects 'GoT's Hodor In New Ad

Hold the door — Hodor lives, and he's finally got himself a better gig than carrying Bran Stark around in the freezing cold beyond the Wall. In a new ad for the British KFC, Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn parodies his beloved character to promote the fast food chain's new chicken and rice box. And believe it or not, the commercial might even help you move on from the character's traumatic Season 6 death scene.

In the ad, Nairn is preparing for the lunch rush when a horde of hungry patrons rush the door demanding chicken and fries. Their order quickly replaces the actor's familiar Hodor-ing, as he becomes increasingly frazzled. Hey, they're no ice zombies, but hungry humans can be scary too. Then, just as he's reached peak panic, Nairn's "chicken and fries" refrain turns into "chicken and rice" — and a lone guy appears at the counter to snag his order.

Whoever came up with this simple, but hilarious spoof of Hodor's final moments deserves some sort of bonus, because it's hilarious. As any Game of Thrones fan knows, the scene that the commercial so expertly parodies is the complete opposite of funny. The moment it aired it became one of the show's most iconic moments, which makes the absurdity of it being used to sell chicken and rice all the more genius.

The best part of the ad is seeing Nairn back in action. He may have only had one full line in six seasons of Game of Thrones, but he proved himself to be a wonderfully versatile actor. Hodor is one of the show's few truly beloved characters, and his innocence made his death all the more tragic.

For some viewers, this bit of KFC hilarity may still be too soon, but the cleverly titled "Lunchtime is coming..." ad is the perfect way to pay tribute to Hodor's legacy — and it has a much happier ending than Hodor's Game of Thrones' journey did.