Emilia Clarke Had The Exact Same Reaction To Daenerys & Sansa Meeting On 'GoT' As You Did

by Maitri Suhas
Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

The women of Westeros are coming together, and it feels good. In Game of Thrones Season 8, Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark will finally meet, and actor Emilia Clarke couldn't be more thrilled. In an interview with Harpers Bazaar talking about the upcoming final season of HBO's fantasy series, Clarke described what it was like for the Mother of Dragons to finally reach Winterfell, and meet Jon Snow's siblings.

After a 19 month wait, the official Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer dropped on March 5, and it was chockfull of dragons, White Walkers and Starks, oh my! But some of the highlights of the trailer wasn't what was shown, but what was teased — like Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Stormborn meeting Sansa Stark for the very first time. Though the meeting was not explicitly shown in the full length trailer, it was teased in a previous HBO promo, with shots of Daenerys arriving at Winterfell alongside Jon Snow, and the image of Sansa seeing a dragon for the first time.

Needless to say, fans can't wait to see these two characters share the screen, and neither, it seemed, can Clarke. The actor gushed about finally shooting scenes with Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, in her interview. "It felt great. Very, very exhilarating," she told Harpers Bazaar of working with Turner. "She’s a really good friend of mine, so it was very fun, it was very silly, it was very then like, 'Oh! We're doing this now, we're having like an actor discussion,' as opposed to just me and Sophie," Clarke said. "With all of those scenes meeting new people, it felt like every day was a little party."

And even though Clarke has little in common with Dany in real life (pretty sure she's never eaten a horse heart), she did relate to her when filming this season in unfamiliar territory. It turns out, just like Dany, Clarke had never been to Winterfell before — she'd never worked on the set. "It's really surreal," she said of stepping into this brand new location. "I mean, you play into what it feels like for the character as well, because it's new and it's odd, and you're coming into someone else's turf and you've got a lot of actors that you know really well, who were like, "This is our home," she added.

It's anyone's guess what will happen now that Daenerys and Sansa are together, but it's definitely going to be exhilarating to watch these two butt heads.

Many of the female actors on the show recently did a photoshoot for British Vogue, including Turner, and they let it be known that all men must die while the women do the real work in Season 8. "Most of the people coming out on top are women," Turner said. Maisie Williams, who grew up on the show as Arya Stark, added: "I’d say the key players this season are all female, which is why it’s so amazing we’re doing this shoot today."

Hopefully Daenerys and Sansa will be able to get along, at least enough to take down some enemies together, when Season 8 finally premieres.