This Brand New ‘GOT’ Footage Shows Two Fan Favorites *Finally* Meeting

courtesy of HBO

The final Game Of Thrones season is already serving major moments with just the first bit of new footage. Buckle up, everyone, because if the teaser is this intense, who knows what's going to go down in April. An HBO promo for upcoming 2019 shows that was released on Sunday night depicted Sansa and Daenerys meeting on Game of Thrones, and the two powerful women seem to be instantly clicking.

"Winterfell is yours, your grace" — she actually says that! Sansa actually just gave up her home to Daenerys (and, presumably, her companion Jon Snow). Dany nods in response. It's been so long since Game of Thrones was on that I can hardly remember where everyone stands, but I do remember theories and whispers that Sansa and Jon would be butting heads in the final season over how to rule Winterfell. Hopefully, this moment puts that conflict to rest. Sansa's diplomacy is her strongest suit — and while it's unclear whether or not she 100 percent trusts Daenerys, she does seem to trust her cousin's (that's Jon, remember) intentions and will probably have a handle on the situation. Presumably, that puts those worries to rest.

Right? Some speculation on Twitter wonders if Sansa seems angry, that the nod is curt, or that Daenerys shouldn't march in and "claim" Winterfell — but come on. This is the new, young, hip generation of Game of Thrones. They aren't their parents. Plus, this is the final season. They've learned so much. Neither Sansa nor Daenerys are evil, or have bad intentions for the realm. While they may take their time getting to know and trust one another (as all good leaders must), they're not necessarily being pitted against one another.

Also visible are Brienne of Tarth and Ser Jorah Mormont. Where is Gendry, catching up with Arya? Where is Davos Seaworth, whittling toys for Lyanna Mormont? Where is Tyrion, checking in with Bran? Will Jaime Lannister be joining them? I have so many questions. This scene also truly introduced us to Daenerys Targaryen (and Jorah) in winter wear. Those coats!

Here's the promo, which also includes Big Little Lies Season 2 and Watchmen footage:

What else did we see? Some dragons doing dragon stuff, like flying around. The first shot of footage is just Drogon taking Daenerys somewhere, probably after meeting in Winterfell. There's also a shot of Rhaegal leading a Dothraki and Unsullied charge somewhere in the South of Westeros, as yet untouched by Winter. Interesting!

At the end of Season 7, Daenerys and Jon were in a boat back up North. Meanwhile, Viserion has been turned into an ice dragon (it's a whole thing) and is tearing down the wall. We still don't know how many members of the Knight's Watch made it back. This new scene probably takes place very early on in the Season 8 premiere.

In the final season, after Jon and Dany went to King's Landing for a conference to discuss the White Walkers, there aren't a lot of big first meetings left. Sansa and Daenerys is a big one, and we've already gotten it out of the way in this early footage. At least, when Game of Thrones returns, we know these Queens are taking charge and teaming up — because we all know that's the only way Westeros is going to make it through.