Garrett From 'The Bachelorette' Has A Job That Lets Him Work & Play Simultaneously

John Fleenor/ABC

Because the Luke P. drama has dominated much of Hannah's Bachelorette season, fans have missed out on getting to know much more about the other contestants. However, because of his impending conflict with Luke (as teased in previews), Hannah's Bachelorette contestant Garrett may get a little more of the spotlight soon. If you don't remember him, Garrett is the one whose job is being a golf pro not to be confused with a pro golfer.

Garrett is not a Tiger Woods-esque figure who plays golf in major tournaments. According to his Facebook, he's an assistant golf professional at the Shoal Creek Golf and Country Club. What that likely means is that he assists with the golf-related activities at the club, not that he actually plays golf for a living. According to the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) an assistant golf professional is expected to help out in the club's golf shop, teach golf lessons, help organize on-site tournaments, and more.

That being said, there's a lot more that goes into the job than it may sound: Garett studied extensively for the gig, and not just by playing golf. His Facebook says he studied "professional golf management" at Mississippi State University. According to his Instagram, he graduated from that college in 2016, but his Facebook says he's been an assistant golf pro at Shoal Creek since 2013. Before that, he also worked at Old Waverly Golf Club, Quail Hollow Club, and Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club.

And just because golf pros aren't paid to play golf doesn't mean they don't ever get to play. Garrett's Instagram is filled with videos and photos of him playing the sport, watching others play, or just admiring the greens.

He Can Hit A Ball From Anywhere

He got himself in a little bit of trouble with that water trap, but he didn't let it stop him.

He's Been Playing While The Bachelorette Is Airing

It's a good way to let off steam if watching these episodes back has been frustrating. (You know, because of Luke.)

He's Been Known To Enjoy The Sights

Golf greens are fun to play on and pretty to look at. Garrett knows that.

His Job Has Put Him In Contact With Celebs

Garrett got to oversee NFL player Larry Fitzgerald on the greens a couple of years ago. "Forever grateful for the experiences that come with this job," Garrett captioned the video. According to his Twitter bio, Garrett played football as a quarterback in college, so this must have been a big moment for him

And He Watches Golf In His Downtime Too

Garrett is clearly a super fan of the sport and recently tweeted about watching the US Open.

Still, golf isn't Garrett's only passion. His ABC bio says:

"Garrett may be a good-looking pro golfer, but he's really just a humble country boy enjoying life in Alabama. When he's not practicing his putting on the green, he enjoys going to church, running, and drinking beers with his friends."

So, yes, golf is a central part of Garrett's life, but it's not all his life is. After all, you gotta work hard and play hard. Fortunately for Garrett, his job happens to includes a lot of play.