Gendry Returns To 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7, Because He Had To Stop Rowing At Some Point


Put down your oars and pick up your hammers, because it finally happened. Gendry returned on Game of Thrones. While Tyrion was have a parlay with his brother Jaime, Ser Davos sought Gendry out in Fleabottom, and the last Baratheon has officially rejoined the adventure.

The Onion Knight even made a joke about rowing! He's really getting all the comedic highlights this year. As it turns out, Gendry has been right under all of our noses this whole time, back at his old job in King's Landing. He's doing what he does best: Making weapons. He also got a drastic haircut that could rival Cersei Lannister's.

Recruiting him was easier than Nick Fury telling Tony Stark about the Avengers Initiative — though with the hammer that Gendry's swinging, I guess he would be Thor in this metaphor. Davos barely needed to explain the mission to bring a wight to Queen Cersei in order to rally everyone against the White Walkers before Gendry was on board. Making weapons for the House that ended his own family may have been a safe way to hide in plain sight, but that didn't mean Gendry was happy doing it. Sometimes heroes do accept the call.


Not only was he on board, he immediately introduced himself to Jon Snow as Robert Baratheon's bastard son. "Our fathers trusted each other," he said, plain as ever. "Why shouldn't we?" This meeting was not an expected one, but it was one of the best on the show so far. Of course, Jon and Gendry aren't really the sons of BFFs. They're actually distant cousins. Gendry's great grandmother was Rhaelle Targaryen, who was siblings with Jon's great grandparents.

All and all, it's good to see Gendry back on the show, and weird to see him owning and warming up to his royal heritage so quickly. Gendry has always been fiercely independent and somewhat representative of the smallfolk in Westeros. At least he's already proving to be an ace member of the team. Not only did he befriend Jon, but he warned the others about the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Hopefully Gendry isn't being dragged out into the action to be a red shirt a la Star Trek and die immediately. Someone's definitely going to die on this expedition beyond the wall, and I don't want it to be him. Perhaps the fact that Gendry has a small amount of Targaryen blood will come in handy in terms of his fate on the show. Destiny seems to be pulling him towards something bigger than the current mission.

He has to at least live to make it to Winterfell, right? Now that he's back, Gendry and Arya's reunion on Game of Thrones might now be more anticipated and Arya and Jon's, and fans won't want to miss that.