George Michael Is On The Hot 100 Chart

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

When people die, particularly celebrities, we tend to talk them up. It's human nature to make the post-mortem poetry waxing just slightly over-the-top. Then again, in certain instances, a death can also remind us of an underappreciated life and that person's life work. As Billboard reports, George Michael has made it back onto the Hot 100 chart, and it just goes to show how many fans are both discovering and rediscovering his incomparable music all over again.

The clearest sign that Michael's music has proven itself to be timeless? As the publication relays, not only are his songs on the chart, but they're in competitive spots. Billboard explains that, "'Careless Whisper' (billed to Wham! featuring Michael) and 'Faith' re-enter the Hot 100 at [Numbers] [are at spots] 33 and 47, respectively." But, what's even more impressive than that, is that his third song currently on the Hot 100 has never even been on it before. The site points out that "Last Christmas" wasn't initially released commercially in the United States and is only now getting its due charting diligence.

In fact, if those numbers have yet to impress you, perhaps this will. To put things into perspective, Billboard proclaims that after his passing, his music has risen a whopping 2,678 percent.

As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. So, it's obvious that old fans and new fans alike aren't just blowing hot air when it comes to remembering Michael for his talent. They're putting their money (and their streaming) where their mouths are and showing their appreciation for the singer's music by listening to his songs in droves.

And honestly? Once you start on a George Michael playlist, it's hard to stop. It's no accident or coincidence that he has three songs, all from the 1980s, on the Hot 100 at the same time. They're catchy, staying, and evoke true emotion. These are songs that were made with heart.

He's the furthest thing from a one hit wonder. As proven by these awe inspiring chart statistics, Michael is an artist that transcends time and appeals to multiple generations. But, most importantly, this proves he's an artist that will be remembered long after his death.