Gigi Hadid & Tyler C. Now Follow Each Other On IG & ‘Bachelorette’ Fans Can’t Handle It

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Over the years, celebrities from Demi Lovato to Kris Jenner have opened up about how they're proud members of Bachelor Nation just like the masses. Apparently, supermodel Gigi Hadid may just be a fan too, according to her latest Instagram follow. According to BuzzFeed, Gigi Hadid followed Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron on Instagram, and, in response, the fan-favorite followed her back. And the whole situation has more than a few fans going wild.

As Page Six also noted, fans noticed on July 23 that Gigi, resident gorgeous model, was following Tyler, a fellow stunning model and part-time reality star — and vice versa. While the reality contestant is still in the running, at the moment, for Bachelorette Hannah Brown's heart on the TV series, this new Instagram activity hasn't stopped some from starting to wonder whether there's something more going on between the two really, ridiculously good-looking models. But, besides the pair following each other, there has been nothing to indicate that there is anything romantic going on between them.

So, could this Instagram follow spree be the start of a rose-filled romance or is it just simply a sign that Gigi is fan of the ABC series, and a fan of Tyler's, like everyone else? While a romantic connection has yet to be seen, that hasn't stopped fans from discussing (and, in some cases, lamenting) the news on Twitter.


Some fans couldn't help but be a bit "devastated" upon hearing the news about Gigi and Tyler's Instagram follows. Honestly, it's a little relatable.

Are Gigi & Tyler The Real Deal?

Even though Gigi and Tyler are simply following each other on Instagram, fans are already imagining a world where the pair are Hollywood's next power couple.

Not Here For It

For this Twitter user, the fact that the supermodel followed the Bachelorette contestant made them a bit "sad," which they jokingly remarked was confusing, even to them.

It Makes Sense

This user was honestly here for the pairing, since "they're both hot." They're definitely not wrong.

In A Word, Shook

Yet another fan was "shook" by the news about the fan favorite Bachelorette star and the celebrity. Hard same.

They're On Board

While many fans were a little taken aback by the news (seeing as though Tyler is a major fave amongst basically all of Bachelor Nation), others were actually here for the potential couple.

"There Goes My Chance"

Another Bachelorette fan said what many were thinking, as they captioned a screenshot of Gigi following Tyler with, "Welp, there goes my chance."

There Might Be Problems

This fan isn't down for "Gyler" ("Tigi"?), and jokingly said that there might be some problems if the model goes after her man.

Sorry, Not About It

This Twitter user spoke for Bachelor Nation, saying, in regards to the reality contestant, "He's ours sis????"

"Can't Even Be Mad"

This fan couldn't be mad about a potential coupling between Gigi and Tyler because, when you think about it, they actually make total sense together.

Clearly, some members of Bachelor Nation may have jumped the gun with their worries about Gigi and Tyler being a couple, seeing as though there's been nothing besides their Instagram follows to indicate a major connection. But, just as a small legion of fans said, if they were an item, they'd instantly be the hottest duo in town.