Apparently Gina Rodriguez Would Rather Elope Than Deal With Any Wedding-Planning Drama

While she may be ready to say "I do," Gina Rodriguez's wedding-planning strategy is basically "I don't," according to a recent appearance on The Talk. As reported by People, the actor spoke to the show's cohosts — Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood, Eve, and guest cohost Carrie Ann Inaba — about her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Joe LoCicero, and revealed that she has zero interest in coordinating a big to-do.

Osbourne congratulated Rodriguez on her recent engagement — which was confirmed in early August — before flashing a big picture of LoCicero on the screen. Osbourne then asked the star how the wedding planning was shaping up, to which Rodriguez replied, "So, as of this Sunday, I feel like we're going to elope. It is such much drama," she lamented.

The Jane The Virgin actor continued,

"There was a point when I was like, 'Everybody arrange everything.' I just want to show up. I just want to do it. I want to say 'I do.' I’m happy. And then I started hearing about what they wanted to do and I was like, 'Well, I don’t know about that.'"

If you're wondering what kind of drama Rodriguez was referencing, well, let's just say it was in regard to some of the *finer* details. Details that — for whatever reason — can ultimately cause completely unnecessary stress for the celebration's invitees.

After Rodriguez expressed her frustration in trying to plan a wedding, both the audience and The Talk's cohosts enthusiastically clapped in agreement. "I love how everyone's like, 'Yes, it's a lot of work, girl. Yes,'" she said in response to the applause.

"I started hearing about how you offend — everything you do is like, offensive," Rodriguez revealed. "You know, if people aren't bridesmaids, or ..." the actor trailed off, prompting Osbourne to chime in with, "Or where they're sat, or who they're sat with."

Right? So much unnecessary drama sometimes. "It's your day, you just do what you want," Gilbert told the star. Yes, exactly. It's your day, Gina. Do what you want!

As a recap, Rodriguez sparked engagement rumors when she was snapped wearing some bling on her wedding finger in an Instagram post on her 34th birthday. She didn't explicitly confirm the happy news at the time, but instead captioned the pic with a Frida Kahlo quote. "They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn't. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality," she wrote.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Around the same time that the star admitted to People that she and LoCicero were, in fact, engaged, Rodriguez explained the Kahlo quote's significance to Bustle. "I'm thinking about it a little more in the way that my whole life, people always thought that I just dreamed big, that I was just up in the clouds, but I wasn't," she said. "I was making exactly what I wanted happen, and I'll continue to do that. And maybe it was an allude to me being engaged."

It's unclear whether or not she and LoCicero have even set a date yet for their big day. Based on her interview with The Talk, though, it doesn't seem like the star is super worried about it. Regardless of whether they keep plugging away at the planning process or just up and decide to elope, there's no doubt that it'll be a beautiful affair.