Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Is Finally Here

General Mills

If you need a brief, bright moment in your life, this is it: Girl Scout Cookie Cereal is finally available and, understandably, the internet is freaking out about it. We knew this day would come, and it has, and it is glorious.

When Instagram account candyhunting brought the upcoming treat to our attention in October, skeptics felt that the collaboration of cereal and Girl Scout cookies, specifically the Thin Mints and Samoa varieties, was too good to be true. Because, you know, in October of last year, we were still embroiled in that election cycle and stuck in that horrible, "What if?" limbo. We couldn't see our way out, let alone harbor enough hope that a January 2017 release date from General Mills would in fact be in the cards.

Well, here we are, one month into 2017, out of the election, newly into a new administration, and yet: Girl Scout Cereal is here. Thin Mints Cereal and "Caramel Crunch" Cereal (which is apparently what Samoas become when you eat them for breakfast) have arrived.

The limited edition cereal is available nationwide right now at local retailers; Target, for example, has both of them available. The suggested retail price for an 11-ounce box is $2.99, while for an 18.5-ounce box, it's $3.99. Like the official Girl Scout Cookies, which can only be purchased from a troop during their annual cookie drive, the run of Girl Scouts Cereal is limited; the official date depends on your store's supply. I know, I know:

If you're craving some Girl Scouts Cereal and can't make it to the store right now (or your local grocery store isn't carrying it yet — the horror!), indulge in the next best thing: Twitter freaking out. Live vicariously through these folks. It's like those 3D experience goggles, but, like, free.

Peep the Cereal in the Wild

And Imagine How Excited YOU Would Be if You Had a Box in Your Clutches

And Purchased It

Or, Whatever, Had It Purchased For You

You Would Be Amped Up, Probably

And Then, After All This Time, You Got to Taste It?

Or Maybe It's Not Your Jam

Well, Regardless: