Glenn Close's Dog Pip Is About To Be As Famous As His Very Famous Mom, Thanks To Instagram

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Despite having played the evil, fur-wearing, kidnapping, dog-hating villain Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians, Glenn Close is actually a massive animal-lover. Not only that, but her Havanese pup, Pip, is pretty much a constant in her very charmed life. Oh, and by the way — Glenn Close's dog has his own Instagram page, as Vulture reported, so now you can see how charmed his life is too. (Very. It's very charmed.)

Now, plenty of celebrities have dedicated Instagram pages for their pets. They show them doing fun and fancy things with their famous owners, hocking products in sponsored posts, and generally looking super cute. Pip's page is no different — minus the sponsored posts, as he's yet to sell out like that. Plus, his owner tends to lead a relatively private life. Close isn't a tabloid fixture, and she didn't grow up in the age of social media.

The fact that Pip's page gives fans a candid glimpse into the day-to-day life of a sophisticated, veteran star is what makes it unique. He also looks exceptionally striking in a bow-tie, so there's that, too.

According to Pip's handle, his full, given name is actually Sir Pippen of Beanfield. We'll just keep referring to him as Pip, though, for all intents and purposes. His bio also notes that he's the "Favorite son of @glennclose," which makes sense since Close doesn't have any human sons. (She has one daughter named Annie, FYI.)

So, what does Pip like to do, you wonder? Well, for starters, he likes to roll around in his linen sheets (same), he likes to play outside (also same), and he's spent some time advising the world-famous New York City Ballet choreographer, Justin Peck, on how to develop his routines. Not same. Definitely not same.

In a photo from December 2018, Pip can be seen casually lounging in the red velvet seats of the David H. Koch Theater. "Just advising @justin_peck on his new ballet for @nycballet," he wrote. "No more “pas de chat 😼” let’s change all those to “step of the dog 🐶.” Pip's got jokes, y'all.

Pip also likes to schmooze with his mom's costars. Shortly after giving Peck some advice, he hung out with Dermot Crowley, who appeared alongside Close in the Off-Broadway play Mother of the Maid. A few days later, Pip snagged a shot with the production's entire cast and crew, too, straight from the green room before their final performance.

Despite having so many celebrity friends, Pip seems like he's still pretty grounded. He's always grateful for any gifts he receives, and is a loving uncle to his nephew Big Al.

He was also open and honest about packing on some pounds over the holidays, which is super relatable. "My resolution [for 2019] is to cut back a little on the Bully Sticks," he wrote on New Year's Day. "Mom says I look a little round but I think I’m the most handsome dog in all da world."

You are handsome, Pip. Don't let the fame get to you, though, now that everyone knows about your Instagram page.