Grace & Morgan Have The Sweetest Friendship On 'Fear The Walking Dead'

Van Redin/AMC

Morgan's struggle on both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead has been getting close to people. After losing his family at the very beginning of the original series, his instinct has always been to be solitary and given that Morgan left Grace on Fear The Walking Dead on the August 18 episode, it's clear that some habits are hard to break.

These two characters are more similar than they realize. Grace doesn't see herself as brave, because she tends to avoid anything that doesn't naturally come easy to her. She doesn't take risks. Now that she has radiation sickness and every day could be her last, Grace has even been scared to start anything she can't accomplish in 24 hours. But in Sunday's episode, Morgan and Grace bonded while searching an abandoned mall for supplies and survivors. Grace even got him to smile. They truly became friends, which made it even sadder when Morgan said goodbye. He claims he's just going to help out Al and will see her again... but both of them know that Grace might not be there when he returns.

Is this relationship romantic? Morgan did open up about his wife, and tried to get information out of Grace about her own romantic partners — but that isn't necessarily the nature of their relationship.

Still, the two loners have had a bit of a journey prior to this episode.

A Hostile Beginning

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Like all good apocalyptic friendships, Morgan met Grace at gunpoint. Wearing a HAZMAT suit, Grace forcibly prevented Morgan and Alicia from getting too close to her former coworkers that had turned into radioactive zombies. At the end of the episode, Grace declines Morgan's invitation to join their crew. Morgan tells her that he'll always be there for her at the other end of the walkie talkie. He knows what it's like to be exiled by your own guilt.

They Meet Again

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A few episodes later, Grace ignores another invitation from Morgan to fly away with him and join his humanitarian squad.

Then, a crisis strikes. The nuclear plant's second reactor is in danger of melting down and she needs them to help disconnect a generator so they can leave safely — but she tricks Morgan into leaving without her again.

He finds her in the episode "Still Standing." Morgan and Grace work together to repair the generator. He tells her about Eastman, the man who mentored him when he as at his lowest point.

Joining The Team

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The bad news is that after Morgan's staff, his weapon and meditative instrument of choice, gets contaminated, Grace has to break it in half. The good news is that she got on the plane! With the imminent meltdown, she has no choice but to flee the area with her new friends.

She and Morgan are both interviewed by Al for the recruitment PSA, and the next time we see them is at the mall together. They're joking about the proper name for jelly beans, and opening up about their fears. While Grace starts to slow down and think about the future, Morgan isn't ready to let himself be happy just yet. Still, Grace and Morgan better see each other again on Fear The Walking Dead, because he's going to regret bailing if they don't.