Graduation Memes That Are Totally Relatable

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Whether you're willing to admit it to yourself or not, graduation a seriously emotional milestone. You're excited because you want to get the hell out of wherever you were, and you're nostalgic because you're sad to leave at the same time. You're scared because change is unsettling, you're nervous because what's ahead might be unknown. And you're exhausted, because you worked your ass off to get where you are, and feel like you seriously deserve the biggest party in the world. And yet, at the same time, you're kind of like — "wait, did I really graduate?" All of these feeling buzzing at the same time can be very overwhelming — but don't worry, no one understands you better than the internet, and these memes about graduation are there for you.

Just when you thought that no one understand exactly how you were feeling, you saw a meme on the internet that somehow knew you better than you knew yourself. That's the thing about memes: Sure, they're occasionally eyeroll-worthy, but at the same time, they're these low-key little gems that help us remember that we're all the same. We all go through the same rollercoasters, and so they're reminders that there's always someone else out there who's feeling what you're feeling, and has gone ahead to make a meme out of it.

So for your mixed emotional pleasure, I've put together a collection of memes that will hopefully really hit home for you during your 2017 graduation:

Bet You Never Thought Of It That Way Before

Why did we want to get out so quickly again? Why didn't anyone warn us?

Whoa Ther

Wag your tail if you're excited for a lot of college loan debt.

Clear Your Brain Out!

Don't worry, you'll literally forget everything once you walk off the stage. You won't have to try to forget.

What's Left To Ponder?

The new you: in debt.

Common Frustrations Begin To Settle In

Oh, they didn't warn you that there are no jobs?

The Irony! It's Outrageous!

Oh get ready for those donation calls. They're a coming!

Just When You Thought You Were Done With School Forever!

How long before you give in and apply for grad school because all of your friends are doing it?

Have You Seen My Job Force?

You were told wrong :(

Let's All Be Honest Here...

Honesty is the best policy. #wikipediaforlife

And Finally, It's Gone! All The Schooling!

It's really over buddy! But don't get too excited. You'll miss it once you get into the real world.

How It feels Tho, Amirite?

When you finally make it to graduation but wonder if you're even still alive.