You Totally Missed This 'Fuller House' Cameo & It's A Major One

Netflix/Michael Yarish

The good times keep rolling at the Fuller house. Although many characters have come and gone in the 30 years since fans first embarked on the family's journey, the crew continues to prove their loved ones will truly never be forgotten. And as seen when Season 3 premiered Friday, the Fuller House cameos are top-notch. While a good amount of the season centers around the Matt-D.J.-Steve love triangle (who's placed their bets?), a familiar Full House face makes a cameo that all true fans will appreciate. Their presence alone is enough to bring viewers straight back to the good, old days.

Warning: Spoilers from Fuller House Season 3 ahead. The new season starts with Steve (Scott Weinger) announcing his plans to marry C.J. (Virginia Williams), basically a woman who's D.J.'s (Candace Cameron-Bure) clone. The season builds up to the big destination wedding in Japan, while D.J. (who's a bridesmaid) grapples with her conflicting feelings for her childhood sweetheart while she's still dating Matt (John Brotherton).

It all comes to a head in the final episode as the gang gets ready for their overseas adventure. And just before the drama really kicks in, enters Grandpa Nick to temporarily relieve some of the stress. The 76-year-old actor John Aprea, who played Jesse's (John Stamos) dad in Full House, reprises his role to be on babysitting duty for D.J.'s son Tommy.


Grandpa Nick is just like fans would remember him to be. After all these years, he's still got a natural knack for the ladies. ("There are two things Katsopolis men are known for: kissing and great hair," he said in Season 2.) Like father, like son. And he's got big plans for his night with the little guy. "We're gonna hit the early bird special, you're gonna by my nanny magnet," he tells Tommy.

Grandpa Nick first appeared in Full House's second season and last appeared in Season 4 for Jesse and Becky's (Lori Loughlin) wedding. Although he was a strict dad, and was especially hard on Jesse when he learned Jesse didn't want to take over the family extermination business, he always put family first.

Grandpa Nick may not be as young as he used to be, and his idea of fun activities may be a tad different. But he's there to have the best time with Tommy, even if it does consist of early bird specials, naps, and "yelling at the TV news." Unfortunately, Grandpa Nick doesn't appear alongside his son Jesse. But Uncle Jesse does get his own episode, "Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting," earlier in the season.


Grandpa Nick perhaps brings fans to a simpler time — one before D.J. was letting the love of her life slip away and when the biggest issue was whether or not the ladies would show Jesse some mercy. And speaking of D.J...

Her happy reunion with Grandpa Nick is short-lived once she gets on the plane to head to Japan — that's when things get real. Up in the air, Matt shows Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) the engagement ring he bought for D.J., revealing that he plans to propose to her in Japan. He asks, "There's not really a Team Matt and a Team Steve, is there?" (It's probably better if he didn't know.)

Meanwhile, D.J., with her massive head pillow, eye mask, and head phones, jumps out of her seat in a mid-flight crisis. While still wearing her eye mask, she reveals to Kimmy that Steve is her soulmate, professing her feelings for her childhood love. But it's not Kimmy who's sitting next to D.J., it's Steve.

Until Season 4, fans won't get answers about who she chooses. But luckily, Grandpa Nick is out of the drama and hopefully enjoying a very fancy buffet at early bird special prices.