This Adorable Indoor Greenhouse Is Super Easy To Set Up & PERFECT For A Small Apartment

As a friend of many succulent parents, I've never quite gotten the hype of plants. I can barely keep myself alive, much less another living, breathing being that apparently can feel itself being eaten.

But never fear, there's a solution coming within the year. GroBox One is a new, mini soilless indoor greenhouse that self-sustains and will be available by December 2018, thanks to funds generated from their Kickstarter.

The GroBox has been in development for over two years, and now it's finally gotten the word out that there's a release date. For now, you'll be able to preorder the godsend for those who want to take on a pet but are worried about the immense responsibility.

Who needs an indoor garden when you can get an all-in-one greenhouse with automatic watering, a built-in carbon air filter, and LED lighting? With the GroBox, you can just pop in some clay pebbles, your favorite saplings, and watch them grow at the best rates with the least amount of maintenance.

Soilless farming is known as "hydroponics," a subset of hydroculture where plants get mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent as an alternative to fertilizer. Thanks to these innovations, hydroponic plants can grow up to 30 percent faster than other plants because of the isolated airflow and consistency of the watering system.

Without the weird hit-or-miss nature of the soil's nutrients, plants can get the necessary goods directly delivered to their roots! The four foot tall GroBox uses curated amounts of water that is sustainable and targeted to what the plant actually needs. The "Ebb and Flow" method, according to the Kickstarter, is employed to regularly flood the tray with nutrient solution that then drains back into the reservoir. This cycle repeats several times a day. And when the nutrients drain away, air, and oxygen can then be drawn to the roots of the plants. That's the source that actually needs to be sustained for growing, ya know?

The LED lights, which mimic the sun, also are energy-efficient. There's also no need for pesticides since it's indoors and all, and in a sealed box. Who doesn't love an environmentally friendly, organic gardener? You only have to change the water once a week to keep your plants alive.

The greenhouse is going mainstream in 2019, according to its Kickstarter. But if you want to pledge some money to their funding and get an early bird price, it'll only be $379 to get the 'house! The retail prices is expected to be around $459, so get yours quickly — they'll ship when the greenhouses come on full time in December 2018.

You can also grow any kind of produce all year round too without waiting for it to be in season.

Indoor plants have been trending for some time — this greenhouse is hardly the first. Recently, the lush environments of "shower plants" in the past have proved successful for those who are down to use their bathroom as a rainforest-y environment. Orchids, pothos, spider plants, and snake plants are exceptionally low maintenance, but just imagine popping those babies in this new greenhouse next year. They may not be as good for your health as the shower plants can be — they can improve your mental health, energy levels, provide fresh air and even be great humidifiers — but never fear.

As for me, I'm just happy that having a greenhouse around can now be as convenient as having a pet fish. As long as the greenhouse is in a good spot, I can definitely enjoy my over-30-percent-faster-grown plants and produce while not having to break a sweat in the garden.