Here’s A List Of The Top Burritos Ordered In The U.S.

by Isami McCowan
Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mexican food is amazing for a number of reasons: the robust variety of flavors, the kick of spiciness that amps up any dish, and the combination of different meat, veggie, or queso options that are sure to make any diner swoon. I like to celebrate (and eat a lot of) the cuisine any chance I can get, and it seems like the world shares my passion: National Burrito Day is Thursday, April 4, and it's arguably one of the most important holidays of the year. An entire day dedicated to burritos means that there's no reason not to enjoy the dish — and if you need some inspiration, why not learn what kind of burritos everyone else loves while you're at?

Grubhub is celebrating National Burrito Day by sharing data on the most popular burrito orders, and it gives a good look into what kind of burritos are among the meal delivery service's customers' fan favorites. Without further ado, let's look into the list of the top burrito orders on Grubhub nationally:

  • Bean burrito
  • Chicken burrito
  • Steak burrito
  • Veggie burrito
  • California burrito
  • Carnita burrito
  • Chorizo burrito
  • Shrimp burrito
  • Al pastor burrito
  • Wet burrito

In case you were wondering, "wet burritos" describe a variation of the dish that's covered in red chili sauce and topped off with cheese. (Fun fact: Because of the sauce covering, wet burritos look like enchiladas, but they're made with flour tortillas, whereas enchiladas are typically made with corn tortillas.)

Grubhub also provided another source of interesting burrito-related information: meatless vegetarian and vegan burritos are on the rise. According to the meal delivery company, vegetarian burritos are 711 percent more popular this year, and vegan burritos are 468 percent more popular. The wider range of options also includes an increase in gluten-free burrito options — and the more the merrier, because everyone should be able to enjoy burritos no matter the food restrictions or lifestyle preferences.

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Have you ever wondered what time of year certain foods are ordered the most? Grubhub also took the chance to collect data on what days and seasons burritos are most popular among customers, and what it found is super interesting. Although burritos are perfect choices year-round, the company found that the all-time most popular days for burritos are Saturdays in December. Additionally, December is the top month for ordering in overall, while Saturdays are the top day of the week. Honestly, it makes sense — what better is there to do on a cold winter weekend when you're sequestered inside working or watching TV than to relax and have food delivered? When the weather is rough, most of us will do pretty much anything to avoid braving the seasonal chills.

National Burrito Day only comes once a year; now that you're an expert on all things burrito trend-related, you can celebrate the holiday by enjoying a delicious burrito from your favorite spot. Food holidays are the perfect reason to enjoy and pay homage to your absolute favorite things to eat.